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Catholic Culture : On the Culture : Hope from the Holy Innocents

On December 28 is the day that we Catholics honor those boys of Bethlehem that were slaughtered by Herod in an effort to kill the ‘King of Kings” or the new King of Israel a descendent of King David, Jesus the Christ.

The reality is fraught with oddities and quirks and inconsistencies in a way. First, I have never heard of this memorial until this year, sadly. If I had I believe that Christmas might of certainly taken on a more somber and solemn meaning to me as it does now and would no doubt have when I was a boy, knowing that after the all the joy of celebrating Christ’s death, there is the remembrance that someone wanted Him dead.

Christ did not come into this world as a cause of celebration to everyone and yet we Catholics tend to not understand that or why there are so many ‘cockles in the field’ that fight tooth and nail against every single last act of Catholicism. We wonder why they would go so far as to post in the paper’s headlines, X-mas, rather than Christmas. We also tend to not understand the academic and political battles that surround the religion. Ben Stein’s":No Intelligence Allowed, which documents the crumbling assertions of Darwin and the theory of evolution and the academics and political agencies that would go as far as possible to preserve it. Till we are at the point now where they have decided to attack religion all together and straight out.

Yet in the article in which I direct the reader below there is this caveat made by the author that as some point of a proven historical fact (I would assume) there was not that many boys killed in Bethlehem, that the numbers were undoubtly exaggerated for some ‘symbolic’ reason. That, “In reality, there would have been relatively few children of the required age in that district, for Bethlehem was a very small town. The point is that all of them are in Heaven.”

I am currently reading “The Defamation of PIUS XII” by Ralph McInery, St. Augustine’s Press 2001. In this publication the history itself is being threshed out from amongst the lies and fictional dramatization of a Pope who was portrayed years after his death as someone who practically sided with the Nazis and Adolph Hitler. The reality in this case as proven through documentation and now infamous cables thanks to Wiki Leaks reveals the opposite. That the Pope had indeed saved the lives on hundreds if not thousands of Jews and he did it because he sided not exclusively with Jews par se as people special to the Lord,(which would have been reason enough) but because the actions of the NAZIS was contrary to natural law.

Sara Dubow has written a new book entitled, “Ourselves Unborn” published by Oxford this year I believe where she establishes that the fetus has come to serve certain political interests over time and it’s determination as to how it would be conceived in social and scientific circles was dependent on the the prevailing political and social pressures at the time. A society facing changing circumstances and a desire to acquire power with their perceptions of reality and significance change over time and the fetus somewhat like Pluto are perceived differently. For instance Mrs. Dubow maintains the idea that the status of the fetus was used as a means of controlling the ‘reproductive rights’ of women. Many women perceive the fetus this way and thus sacrifice the fetus not on the alter of science as Dr. Wilhelm His has done in the early nineteenth century, dissecting albeit dead embryos to disprove the theories of a scientific competitor who was seeking to maintain a political status quo, very much like the pro-Darwin, evolutionist’s do today. Very much in the lie told about the humanity of African-American slaves in America and why it was perfectly fine to consider these human being’s chattel. Very much like the DADT repeal and why homosexuality considered a taboo twenty years ago is now perceived as a matter of civil rights. It would appear that the ‘reality’ of things is secondary to what use can be made of them, what purpose and advantage can one win out and summarily who maintains power and dominance.

I for one, am perfectly content now to view the changes I see being made in the world before me, particularly the rash and absurd ones like ‘gay-marriage’ to be nothing more than the battlefield of spiritual war fare. Certainly, that is not a rash assessment since the United States itself (along with others) are waging a war against Islam. It does appear as Ben Stein has pointed out that there is a war against religion. That would explain the attacks by the Christopher Hitchens, the Richard Dawkins, the Stephen Hawkings, Bill Mahr, George Carlin, Kathy Griffin and others. It is a concerted attack without a doubt. The pedophile sex scandals, the blaming the Catholic Church for the Crusades, the Holy Inquisition and what role did Pope Pius the XII play in during World War II.

The vaulted value of Galileo Galilee a man so embedded in Catholicism it seems strange that he would have ever been chosen to be the poster boy for the anti-religious. A man who essentially is more remembered for Copernicus’s discovery and theory than his own (rate of descent, he was not even the inventor of the telescope). A man that associated with the upper echelon of the Catholic Church so well that he knew enough about the Pope to parade him as one of his characters, Simplitico, and was merely confined to house arrest when he would not desist. A man who of his three children out of wedlock two were daughters who he relegated to a nunnery where they became nuns. I am sure you wont see them represented at the newly formed Galileo museum. Yet the reason Galileo was ‘wrong’ wasn’t because the facts of the solar system he observed was wrong, he was wrong for trying to usurp the clergy. His desire along with others who perhaps wanted to live irreligiously was that he wanted to bait and switch the value of the physical metrics from what it was all along, the value of the human soul. Why should the sun be regarded as the center of the solar system and if so why is that remotely important? The reality of the matter is that the fact that the sun revolves around the earth or the earth around the sun is one of the least significant facts that people know. We have been in space, we have sent men to the moon, rovers to Mars, an American satellite has reached the outer realms of our solar system. We have found no intelligent life and rave when the scantest trace of water molecules are found, frozen. What the Church wanted to maintain and still does till this day is that it is more important for man universally speaking to look within, to mediate upon God and with fear and trembling convert his soul to make it suitable for life everlasting. What can be more valuable than life everlasting? All the world is a stage and my God, look at the stage lights. Not just the sun but even the constellations millions of light years away are at man’s disposable to cross the ocean. If you were in a house, placed in a dessert with running water and enough food to last for 6 months and there was a book on the table what would you do? Run outside into the dessert with as much food and water you could carry? Perhaps your gracious host wants you to read the book? The goal of Galileo and those like him, the atheist, the gays, those ‘cockles of the field’ is to distract as many people, lead them into a dessert like a God less Moses, to their damnation in hell. That is what is happening, that is why the things that ought to be correct are wrong and common sense is abandon and murder on the alter of science. Sinead O'Conner got it right, "It is no sacrifice", sacrifice means to make holy and science can’t do that, only God can.

Catholic Culture : On the Culture : Hope from the Holy Innocents

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