Thursday, February 4, 2021

Term Limits via Convention of States

 If there is one time to use the Convention of States Article five option is for the purpose of getting term limits for Congress members. They will not vote on it for themselves so it is necessary to have 'We the people..." to do it. 

The best way to do this is to create great incentives to leaving office. After four years Congressmen can be given two million dollars and other incentives towards not only serving but leaving office, such as years of secret service protection and government access as well as tax credits.

We need to do this because it is not democratic to have people like Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer not to mention *President Biden sit in office for decades until they die. Then like Representative Dingle bequeath the seat to their next of kin or spouse. 

Also, there need to be some vetting to letting people in office. Congress woman AOC went through the histrionics of accusing a sitting Senator Senator Cruz of attempted murder to claiming that she was a sexual assault victim. We have been through this with the Judge Kavanaugh hearing and Blaise Ford who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by him. This has been proven false. In any regards, in the words of Hillary Clinton, "What difference does it make, now!". Congresswoman AOC has had no political platform where she dealt with sexual assault so now it is clear that she is trying to leverage sexual abuse for her own political gain. New York Senator Gillibrand did have a platform trying to route out sexual abuse in many facets including the military and she was largely ignored in the Democratic primaries. 

In fact the Democrats don't have any real political positions except for staying in power and spreading evil doctrines of Satan. For instance the Catholic reprobate *President Biden has placed a transsexual Dr. Rachel Levine assistant health secretary when it is quite obvious that he suffers from a psychological problem. He can't accept his own identity as a man yet he is supposed to be capable of prescribing policy for the rest of our citizenry. 

President Trump has proven not only that the work of the nation can be done in the time prescribed but that in fact the time pressure seems to get the objectives expedited. Term Limits have to be the main objective of those that seek to get the Democrats out of office which can only be the decent act.