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Catholic Culture : On the Culture : Hope from the Holy Innocents

On December 28 is the day that we Catholics honor those boys of Bethlehem that were slaughtered by Herod in an effort to kill the ‘King of Kings” or the new King of Israel a descendent of King David, Jesus the Christ.

The reality is fraught with oddities and quirks and inconsistencies in a way. First, I have never heard of this memorial until this year, sadly. If I had I believe that Christmas might of certainly taken on a more somber and solemn meaning to me as it does now and would no doubt have when I was a boy, knowing that after the all the joy of celebrating Christ’s death, there is the remembrance that someone wanted Him dead.

Christ did not come into this world as a cause of celebration to everyone and yet we Catholics tend to not understand that or why there are so many ‘cockles in the field’ that fight tooth and nail against every single last act of Catholicism. We wonder why they would go so far as to post in the paper’s headlines, X-mas, rather than Christmas. We also tend to not understand the academic and political battles that surround the religion. Ben Stein’s":No Intelligence Allowed, which documents the crumbling assertions of Darwin and the theory of evolution and the academics and political agencies that would go as far as possible to preserve it. Till we are at the point now where they have decided to attack religion all together and straight out.

Yet in the article in which I direct the reader below there is this caveat made by the author that as some point of a proven historical fact (I would assume) there was not that many boys killed in Bethlehem, that the numbers were undoubtly exaggerated for some ‘symbolic’ reason. That, “In reality, there would have been relatively few children of the required age in that district, for Bethlehem was a very small town. The point is that all of them are in Heaven.”

I am currently reading “The Defamation of PIUS XII” by Ralph McInery, St. Augustine’s Press 2001. In this publication the history itself is being threshed out from amongst the lies and fictional dramatization of a Pope who was portrayed years after his death as someone who practically sided with the Nazis and Adolph Hitler. The reality in this case as proven through documentation and now infamous cables thanks to Wiki Leaks reveals the opposite. That the Pope had indeed saved the lives on hundreds if not thousands of Jews and he did it because he sided not exclusively with Jews par se as people special to the Lord,(which would have been reason enough) but because the actions of the NAZIS was contrary to natural law.

Sara Dubow has written a new book entitled, “Ourselves Unborn” published by Oxford this year I believe where she establishes that the fetus has come to serve certain political interests over time and it’s determination as to how it would be conceived in social and scientific circles was dependent on the the prevailing political and social pressures at the time. A society facing changing circumstances and a desire to acquire power with their perceptions of reality and significance change over time and the fetus somewhat like Pluto are perceived differently. For instance Mrs. Dubow maintains the idea that the status of the fetus was used as a means of controlling the ‘reproductive rights’ of women. Many women perceive the fetus this way and thus sacrifice the fetus not on the alter of science as Dr. Wilhelm His has done in the early nineteenth century, dissecting albeit dead embryos to disprove the theories of a scientific competitor who was seeking to maintain a political status quo, very much like the pro-Darwin, evolutionist’s do today. Very much in the lie told about the humanity of African-American slaves in America and why it was perfectly fine to consider these human being’s chattel. Very much like the DADT repeal and why homosexuality considered a taboo twenty years ago is now perceived as a matter of civil rights. It would appear that the ‘reality’ of things is secondary to what use can be made of them, what purpose and advantage can one win out and summarily who maintains power and dominance.

I for one, am perfectly content now to view the changes I see being made in the world before me, particularly the rash and absurd ones like ‘gay-marriage’ to be nothing more than the battlefield of spiritual war fare. Certainly, that is not a rash assessment since the United States itself (along with others) are waging a war against Islam. It does appear as Ben Stein has pointed out that there is a war against religion. That would explain the attacks by the Christopher Hitchens, the Richard Dawkins, the Stephen Hawkings, Bill Mahr, George Carlin, Kathy Griffin and others. It is a concerted attack without a doubt. The pedophile sex scandals, the blaming the Catholic Church for the Crusades, the Holy Inquisition and what role did Pope Pius the XII play in during World War II.

The vaulted value of Galileo Galilee a man so embedded in Catholicism it seems strange that he would have ever been chosen to be the poster boy for the anti-religious. A man who essentially is more remembered for Copernicus’s discovery and theory than his own (rate of descent, he was not even the inventor of the telescope). A man that associated with the upper echelon of the Catholic Church so well that he knew enough about the Pope to parade him as one of his characters, Simplitico, and was merely confined to house arrest when he would not desist. A man who of his three children out of wedlock two were daughters who he relegated to a nunnery where they became nuns. I am sure you wont see them represented at the newly formed Galileo museum. Yet the reason Galileo was ‘wrong’ wasn’t because the facts of the solar system he observed was wrong, he was wrong for trying to usurp the clergy. His desire along with others who perhaps wanted to live irreligiously was that he wanted to bait and switch the value of the physical metrics from what it was all along, the value of the human soul. Why should the sun be regarded as the center of the solar system and if so why is that remotely important? The reality of the matter is that the fact that the sun revolves around the earth or the earth around the sun is one of the least significant facts that people know. We have been in space, we have sent men to the moon, rovers to Mars, an American satellite has reached the outer realms of our solar system. We have found no intelligent life and rave when the scantest trace of water molecules are found, frozen. What the Church wanted to maintain and still does till this day is that it is more important for man universally speaking to look within, to mediate upon God and with fear and trembling convert his soul to make it suitable for life everlasting. What can be more valuable than life everlasting? All the world is a stage and my God, look at the stage lights. Not just the sun but even the constellations millions of light years away are at man’s disposable to cross the ocean. If you were in a house, placed in a dessert with running water and enough food to last for 6 months and there was a book on the table what would you do? Run outside into the dessert with as much food and water you could carry? Perhaps your gracious host wants you to read the book? The goal of Galileo and those like him, the atheist, the gays, those ‘cockles of the field’ is to distract as many people, lead them into a dessert like a God less Moses, to their damnation in hell. That is what is happening, that is why the things that ought to be correct are wrong and common sense is abandon and murder on the alter of science. Sinead O'Conner got it right, "It is no sacrifice", sacrifice means to make holy and science can’t do that, only God can.

Catholic Culture : On the Culture : Hope from the Holy Innocents

Friday, December 24, 2010

Are these not demons?

The gay horde of demons have arrived in full force. I advocate that the death penalty be put in full effect for the the demon hordes just as they have in Saudi Arabia and in some parts of Africa. Decent God fearing Americans need to be on the watch for these Satanist and anti-Christ. Defend yourself with prays to St. Micheal as the hordes of evil doers have descended upon us. May God have mercy on our souls.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Senate has okay'ed DADT

I have lost my country.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Why The Church Comes Out Wining In The Pedophile Crisis

The Lord works in mysterious ways. It is only now that the Catholic Church can see the upside of the pedophile scandal. The pedophile scandal may have had two positive outcomes for the Church and humanity at large. One was that it brought pedophilia to the front burner long enough to know the evil that lives amongst and between us, now no one can say they don't know the sexual atrocities that take place daily, within and without the Church. Second, it threw the homosexuals out of the Church and placed them squarely where they have subsequently proven to have been all along, in league with Satan as anti-Christs.

The Church, unlike any other organization in the world has dealt with pedophilia amongst it's ranks. Can any other group make a similar claim? No, I don't think so. Where as the Church have run the homosexual and pedophile out of it's midst the government of the world have endorsed the homosexual and many a government like India and South Africa and South East Asian nations could care less about pedophilia. Those that insisted in taking a check for these crimes which were seen as morally reprehensible and unpardonable even by current law and the statute of limitations have forsaken their claim to white martyrdom before God. Although this crimes were seen as unforgivable, which is completely antithetical to very crux of the Christian faith a six figure check seemed to have assuaged their distress. Presumably it will be spent on the psychiatrist and therapist. The very same ones that now tell us that homosexuality is perfectly alright.

First of all let's be clear, homosexuality and pedophilia are exactly the same in two respects, they are both sexual abuse both physically (a penis has no biological need to be in an anus of another man or in his mouth, ask Darwin) and abuse psychologically (it doesn't matter if the victim has become emotionally desensitized to it, the psychological fantasy here is not one of dominance over a submissive but one of abuse and objectification, in terms of pedophilia it is simply to the extreme where the proud can act out a god complex over their infant or juvenile victim) and they are both given sanction by a public that would rather look the other way or endorse it than to be found in contradiction to their peers. Pride like the pride parade homosexuals have every year is a demonstration of low self esteem, pride is an inflationary sense of ones self worth which is done to deny the vanity and vacuity they feel which is all any one can feel with they are sodomized and degraded as a human receptacle for someone else's satisfaction. Additionaly, the sad fact of the matter is that the longer one engages in this deviant behavior the more difficult it will be to break away from it. Even slaves under long tenures of subjugation have difficulty venturing out on their own, freedom is often damning to them so long have the been mentally and morally infantilezed, having never assumed responsibility for themselves. In fact, the positivistic and and objectified (truly schizophrenic) homosexual is at a loss despite his deep seated subjectivism to find anything of himself he can call 'self'. He is alien to his own identity, only finding a visage of himself as he is reflected in the eyes of others, which is why he compels all others to render to him a report of their perception only what is good and positive, their honest assessment of him if they deem him vulgar and unseemly he denounces as hate and intolerance. Hate, an emotion we all have, created in the image of God as He Himself hated, "Jacob I loved, Esau, I hated" (Romans 9:13) is an attribute of man as discrimination is one of man's intellectual faculties of which he need not deprive himself in order to appear politically correct. Anger, jealous, envy are supposedly all done away with in this 'evolved' man. The homosexual has somehow ejected them from his heart and soul, he is more pure than the heterosexual. So now we have a policing of our honest emotions, we must not be found in possession of hate, so there is now hate crimes. When you hit your fellow man in the head with a bat that is one thing but when you curse him with a racial slur while doing so that is altogether another, as if the striking of a man with a bat is not evidence enough of his vexation and for the words he used (currently only derogatory racial expressions) the attacker gets an additional ten years for this. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will keep me in the slammer longer. Of course we know the reason for this policy, we are expected to all come together regardless of race to be good human drones for our New World masters. Racial distinction, they won't hear of it, all together we are slaves. Although it would appear that the psychologically immature homosexual does not know of these emotions or rather he lies and claims that it is the Catholic that propagates hate, Jesus who preached (and is the only one to have done so in religion besides God in the Old Testament) 'love thy neighbor' has followers who are the very antithesis of their founder. It is the Catholic who is with out virtue on account that as a true Catholic he rejects the homosexual as the charlatan and opportunist that he is, he says that the homosexual is selfish and will not deny himself, no, not for the the larger society and no not for the kingdom of heaven, he does not have to heed God, God is unimportant to him and so is everybody else and this negative perception of the homosexual is unacceptable to him. Is gay marriage not hatred for society at large? Is it not a repudiation of ones family line for man to marry man? Does not homosexuality proclaim a disdain for the opposite sex, is he not repulsed by women as a matter of pride because indeed she is psychologically and emotionally superior to man in many respects? Will she not feed him lessons of humility in his first encounters? Does she not weigh him down, the 'ol ball and chain' of reality and responsibility that she imparts in his life? Yet, he is supported by liberals, liberal and false Catholics and various heterosexuals, why? Is he not tearing at the the very social fabric of their society when he attacks society in this way? What is the great comfort of the homosexual to these people? Often I believe it is simply to get the issue over with, to stop the aggravation that they feel whenever they have to deal with this problem. No one wants to be seen as the ogre or lose the comfort and camaraderie of the crowd and the homosexual makes it clear to them that they will have a fight on their hands if these people seeking their comfort do not bend to his wishes, they will be alienated, ostracized, uninvited to the best social occasions. Some of them have their own antagonistic motivation, they want to be evil, they want to 'stick it to authority' they are the same as he, just not explicitly sexual inverts, rather they are anti-authoritarian and equally selfish answering only to their desires and intentions and yes, they are proud as well. The very concept of giving up the self for the larger body has been lost almost entirely in this new world, case in point the elimination of the draft. This is one of the great evils of society and democracy, that very few people are willing to risk their stature and social ties in the community and tend to follow along where ever the current tides take them rather than to swim against the currents of public opinion and denounce a behavior as morally reprehensible. It takes a village to rape a child and it takes a village to endorse emotional illness as the new norm as well.

Thomas Jefferson's imaginary 'wall of separation' doesn't just exist between Church and State, it is applied throughout almost every facet of our current human relations now in the United States. When the claim is made that neighbors and associates do not care about the sexual behavior of their colleagues what they mean to say is that they simply do not care about the welfare of that person at all, except as far as it concerns their own safety and well being. We see this every day in a city full of people that briskly walk by the schizophrenic talking to themselves in the street or the the homeless person whose stench is nauseating and has no shoes on his feet in the local subway. We seen this when alcoholics literally littered the Bowery in New York City, most ignored them and stepped over them on their way to work. We see this in dance halls where people are so high they are passed out on the floor and we witness this circumspect consciousness when the popular musician sing songs of loneliness and alienation only to read in the papers one day that he has committed suicide. The problem with emotional illness isn't those of us who are hearing voices, the scourge of emotional illness is those of us who claim they don't. By legitimizing homosexuals we are claiming that we do not hear the voices of those in psychological distress. That is nothing less than a convenient conscious alleviating lie. If those that are well simply support and endorse the illness of those that are ill, emotional illness will only permeate healthy society to the point where emotional health will be completely impossible to discern.

Homosexuality is evil, and I do mean evil, as we are all unclean in some respect not mere victims. As in a Shakespearean tragedy and in accordance with the Japanese perception of emotional illness the fault lies in the character of the person, not necessary throughout society. Pride, is not an admirable character trait and for those unwilling to be humble and recognize God it is now all too clear. These are the anti-Christ that long to be a dominant group over the lives of millions of people in America and abroad. The lies given on behalf of homosexual social equality is merely the falsely postulated moral cause of the day. Many and unimaginably disingenuous arguments are made equating their condition with that of the African-American and yet at the time pride was seen as the sin of the African that lead him down low into slavery, however pride today is seen as acceptable, millions of heterosexuals see the 'equality' of homosexuality as the cause celebre of their generation, the third part in a now anticipated trilogy of civil rights and liberty and the only injustice they see comes from God and His anachronistic Church. The 'virtue of religion' as stated by St. Thomas Aquinas is to render to God the 'worship that is due to him as the source of all being and the principle of all government of things.'http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/12748a.htm. Yes, 'Render unto Caesar's what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's. (Matt 22:21) Yes, plainly man needs render the glory, worship and adoration to God because He is all deserving of it as the creator of all things. When we believe that we can govern and sustain ourselves without giving God his due we fail and the irony of the matter is that the endorsement of homosexuality which ought to be clear evidence of the damning deviant path we have embarked upon as we move further away from God has instead been viewed as 'progress', men marrying men we see as progress, nothing could be further from the truth.

In a book by Ralph McInerny published in 2001 entitled "The Defamation of Pius XII" he not only writes about all that Pope Pius XII has done to help Jews during Hitler's eugenics program of racial purity, which he picked up by the racist Americans who started that evil pseudo science. He also mentions what one of the philosophical and immoral basis for which the Pope and the Church objected to the treatment of the Jews fell under, in a sense of current familiarity, it was how the NAZI program was against natural law.

As is true that Hitler was born into a Catholic household and perhaps like "Catholics for Equality", considered himself to be Catholic. He did not follow any of the Catholic teachings, after all, Mother Teresa, St. Therese of Liseiux and John Paul II were Catholic also, which of these could we say has done the will of the Father? The Nazis were however endorsed and practiced euthanasia, for which the Catholic Church deemed against natural law. Homosexuality, the Church states, are also acting against natural law. Which of the two have more in common with Adolph Hitler, the Catholic Church or the homosexuals?

The homosexuals are a threat to the security of this nation and it is odd that the federal government would want to repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', which is a none sense compromise created by President Clinton. Yet again many Americans stop trusting the government before the 9/11 bombing and it is only in a war no one but President Bush wanted that we are supposed to share any fidelity to this country. Now, with the homosexuals taken as a legitimate class in society many of us that distrusted the country in the first place have no reason to show allegiance to it at all. In fact, homosexuals should not be allowed to join the military at all seeing how they have a mental disability. It is interesting to note that in this decade Pluto was determined by Astronomers to not be a credible plant, well, what ever that notation and reclassification means to them it change not one thing about Pluto in reality. Pluto is continuing to do what Pluto has been doing since the dinosaurs walked the earth. The change in classification in the Diagnostic Statistical Manuel in 1973 has essentially the same non effect in reality, what is an emotional and cognitive disorder amongst homosexuals continue to be so whether or not they are classified as disabled or not. In fact the larger part of the problem is that there was no reason given for their diagnosis to be removed in the first place. It would have to be surmised that Dr. Robert Spitzer and his crew must have believed that the men who categorized them as ill in the first place must have had a non scientific reason for doing so. There is this extrapolation of Darwinism that says not only that animals evolve over time but the scientific philosophies of man does as well and for some unproven reason the reasoning of men of the past is to be discounted. Apparently we are not at the threshold now where water is no longer wet and two plus two no longer equals four but presumably we'll get there. This was effectively what I call the reality crisis in America and Europe (which is why we are in such a stark recession) or a psychiatric reformation where books and diagnosis can simply be removed upon a secure number of votes whether or not there is valid grounds for doing so.

The American Psychiatric Association state that there are two criteria for assessing that a man has a psychiatric disorder and in fact the two are ironically and uniquely insufficient. One is that the man is personally suffering harm and the second is if he is some how socially impaired because of his condition. Of course, immediately one can point to Jeffery Dalhmer, the BTK killer, Ted Bundy, H.H. Holmes and Charles Manson amongst other sociopaths for who these criteria make no difference. Of course, perhaps they are correct in their assessment that these men are not psychiatric patients but are intrinsically evil, the cockle of the field, unfortunately since mere secular scientist can not address such a reality they are forced to categorize them as abnormal from a psychological point of view but the fact remains that there are many evil people who cannot be said to be suffering or socially impaired, they are simply evil. Yet, were they to do that they would have still failed to put homosexuals in that group, although it is true. 'What can not be proven, simply does not exist', is the sworn philosophy of modern science. There is a reliance like that of spoiled children that what is undesired can wistfully be willed out of concern and reality ignored. The United States will see the destruction that the homosexuals will heap on them and they will deserve it. They are so easy to ameliorate their values and consciences in order to save their own lives of comfort and luxury. Just like Eve in the garden of Eden they have decided that they will judge what is good and evil, they will be like God and dismiss God from the heavens.

Recently the European Court of Human Rights (whatever that means) has adjudicated that Ireland can not place a ban on abortions because it infringes on the rights of women. Similarly, it was not the British themselves in the 1990's who decided that they should integrate and accept homosexuals into the military but this same court. Why do these sovereign government submit to some international court allowing foreigners to dictate to them the civil rights of their citizens even though those presumed rights are contrary to their cultural and moral values? Why do they give room for some alien entity to set the agenda in their country? We certainly need court reform, we need to move away from a method where although there is a congress and a democracy, the law of the land is being determined by the courts. The evil homosexual is having his way because although they are a minority they are using the courts to set their agenda, the agenda is less people and population control so that the living adults can live more comfortably and lavishly. That admittedly is my best estimation, that is what we have in Planned Parenthood which is the off shoot of the eugenicist that inspired Hitler. That is the way of Lucifer and his disciples.

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Robert Leroy Johnson:Deals with the devil in Popular Music Today?

The story about musicians selling their soul to the devil I only half believed with when I acknowledged the string of suicides that took place amongst rock musician (and then I thought it only applied to rock musicians). It was Robert Leroy Johnson who according to legend made a Faustian bargain with the devil at the cross roads of Dockery Plantation. A large black man(devil) met him there took the guitar from him tuned it played a few songs and then gave it back to him supernaturally given him the mastery over the instrument.

When we look at the interviews of Bob Dylan in 2004 he pretty much comes straight out and admits that he made a deal with 'destiny'. He calls the one he made this deal with with the "chief commander of this world and the one we can't see.." not the chief commander of the next world as Christians would say. Yet to be clear in a much earlier interview he flatly claims that he is not religious and doesn't 'believe in anything'.

In the 2004 interview with Ed Bradley (June 22, 1941 – November 9, 2006) of "60 Minutes" Dylan states that he does in fact have what I would call 'spiritual obligations'.

There was of course John Lennon consistent attack on the Christianity by stating that The Beatles were bigger than Jesus and of course the song "God" in which he sings that God is merely a concept and that he does not believe in Jesus (amongst other spiritual beliefs). However, surprisingly(or not) the trend seems to continue with rapper Jay-Z in which the rapper writes the following lyrics,

"Hail Mary to the city your a Virgin, and Jesus can’t save you life starts when the church ends,"

Why such an anti-Christian message, it would seem unnecessary, one would think that a performer like Jay-Z can be successful without using any religious references at all. However, more and more it seems as if artist can't get by today without making some mention of religion. Albeit, religion is very much in the spot light but one would imagine that there would be no cause for the enmity that artist display, particularly for the Christian faith. The Smithsonian's latest art exhibition for instance was effectively a gay one, with what has been dubbed 'A Gay Christmas Show'. One would think that the gay community had something other to focus on than desecrating sacred objects of the Church (and they do, it is usually naked men)they set up this display , a photograph really on the crucified Jesus covered in ants, (what the symbolism is suppose to mean is the artist participation in the suffering of Jesus)by David Wojnarowicz's entitled A Fire in My Belly from the NPG's exhibition, "Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture."It seemed nonetheless similar to the "Sensation" exhibit which ran from from 2 October 1999 to 9 January 2000 at the Brooklyn Musem here in New York, where there was a piece of art (so-called) entitled The Holy Virgin Mary by Chris Ofili. The work is a painting of the Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung of course drew the ire of then then Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, William Donahue of the Catholic League and Cardinal O'Connor who was then Archbishop of New York.

Certainly there is an animosity between the artist and the religious as Jesus proclaimed there would between who prefer their immediate carnal lives over salvation. There are those who are simply the cockle of the field sowed by the devil who hate Christ no without reason. (Matthew 13;38) Many of us would like to believe that the World does not hate Christian or that without religion we will simply live in a world where, as if we were living in a giant shopping mall, we will all simply be working and purchasing what we want happily going about our daily lives, without the tedium of religion and any thought of God. Yet, 'power abhors a vacuum', and without God mere mortals would be left to the devises of God knows who in the spiritual realm, certainly Satan. During this advent season when we prepare for the coming of the Lord, let us take stock of our lives and the content there within, the music we listen and the conscious realization that in deed, the end soon draws near and we ought to contemplate the last things, death, judgment, heaven and hell. Let the Christian remember Christ suffering and his word about this world rather than effectively dismissing Christ with a polyandrous, puerile and rudimentary thoughts that 'Christ loves everyone', particularly when we know for certain, not everyone loves Christ.

John 15:20
Remember my word that I said to you: The servant is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you: if they have kept my word, they will keep yours also.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Scipture Needed, Not Sympathy For Homosexuals

"I am, frankly, saddened by dissenting "Catholics" who are defending Howe and other active, militant homosexuals on their blogs, websites, and Facebook pages. I find their presumption and misplaced sympathy tiresome and even silly."

Thus wrote Sonja Corbitt on Catholic Online.com and she has really expressed the my own genuine feelings on not the homosexual problem but the heterosexuals and Catholics who support them. Below is a sample of their thought.
  1. Eddie
    December 8th, 2010 7:48 am

    Sigh. Fundamentalists are truly tiresome. All I got out of you exorbitant and well articulated article was a sense of pity for the poor clinically diagnosed “Homosexuals” as you apparently know them all and their views toward their own homosexuality. It’s sad such outdated “opinions” are still expressed, though I expressively agree that everyone has that right. My generation can neither grasp nor comprehend why you all look upon “Homosexuals” the way you do, just because a book (which was never written by any of the people in it and revised and re-translated countless times to suit the needs of that time period) says IT IS SO. Your views are only a generation or two away from becoming the minority opinion. My grand-children will look back 40-50 years from now and wonder what all the fuss was about, just as my generation looks back and wonders the same for segregation, women’s rights, miscegenation, and slavery. Change I guess is the only bright spot and it comes slowly and quietly. Fortunately, even the church will adapt “eventually” as it has for most social changes over the past 100 years, it either stays up with the times or is forgotten as an antique along with its antiquated “opinions”.

I agree as I said with Mrs. Corbitt who can be found at www.pursuingthesummit.com and in the commentary section I wrote the following which I reprinted here in order to expound further on this reality of 'brain washed' young people who aren't homosexual (and even those who are, having been brain washed all the way) but see our position as Catholics as primitive, not given thought to the values we have or the ground of faith and reason we have employed to come to them through the grace of God. The very approach they take to the Bible as a mere book and even so, nothing but words on paper that can be dismissed at will is really a consummate evil. They do not even allow that the Bible is to us Catholics what the Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy) is to physicist. People like Eddie will not even entertain the notion that there is truth in the Bible as there is in Newton's observations.

I could not agree more, thank you for writing this. The problem that we face with homosexuals and anti-Catholicism has more to do with heterosexuals and misinformed or left leaning Catholics. As a person that has had psychiatric care for depression and been hospitalized as well as medicated and has since beaten all of that through spirituality and faith in God (no longer taking any medication and haven't for over a decade) I can assure you that the normalization and pretense of legitimizing an obvious emotional disturbance which manifests itself as homosexual acts will MAKE THE REST OF SOCIETY MENTALLY ILL. How does that occur? It is happening right now, right now heterosexual liberals are lying to themselves when they say they cannot see anything wrong or remotely odd about the behavior and traits of homosexuals. We ALREADY know something is wrong but we decide to willfully blind ourselves to the reality, that means people are willing to lie to themselves because in fact they believe that they can go home and would never have to live with these homosexual people anyway but that is a lie because even now homosexuals are seeking 'marriage' and adoption rights which will change the societal landscape of this country. Make no mistake about it lying to oneself makes one emotionally ill, just like the homosexuals are doing in their life, all because of their pride. Homosexuals really do not want people to ignore their distress in the manner that one by passes a homeless man on the street, possible throwing their small change into his cup, subconsciously they want their distress to be recognized as any one wounded would want another to recognize their wounds, not pretend they don't see it.

The other and vitally important problem is the young people like Eddie who are merely dealing with life in a two dimensional manner. 'Progress will come and the dissenting will evolve', sure, but remember disease progresses also, cancer progresses. Not knowing the difference between Fundamentalist and Catholics, using one worded 'belief systems' such as 'freedom' and 'equality' in the most un-rooted manner is to simply buy into an American mythological template disregarding the substantial differences between times and the realities of their circumstances. The education they have received have enable their absolute ease in dismissing the Bible. In my whole life I remember people having a reverence for even secular writings, book burning was considered a heinous crime but here, the Bible is easily thrown over their shoulders, the Constitution is 'sacred' but the Holy Book of a religion is easily disregarded. Never in my life time have I witnessed such a caviler attitude, the author was right about that.The only way to accept this in my opinion is not just to recognize God but the entire Catholic cosmology, there is a devil, there is Satan and he has effectively commandeered the minds of millions to the point where there is no substance to their thoughts, no depth. It happen when America submitted to chattel slavery, claiming that the African person was not a human being, it happened when America submitted to on demand abortion claiming that the human in it's fetal stage is not a human being and it is happening again as America's attempt to legitimize homosexuality, claiming that we don't know our inner lives to have a definite character. More and more I am understanding the words of Christ,

Matthew 16:25
"For he that will save his life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it." because essentially people like Eddie are perceiving all things through the fiction that their day to day life is the paramount determinant in all their decision making and pride has become a virtue.
Ezechiel 16:49
"Behold this was the iniquity of Sodom thy sister, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance, and the idleness of her, and of her daughters: and they did not put forth their hand to the needy, and to the poor."

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Keisha White:Choose Life

Keisha White I Choose life

I can't help thinking that Mrs. White made this video with children in mind. She is so beautiful in the video I always imagine that her 'boyfriend' in this video is posing as a closet gay. Well, his loss and I am sure that there are men lined up around the corner to take her, I will be one of them. The gorgeous and talented Mrs. White puts on a great performance and although I may be sued for reproducing it here with out permission I can't help but spread this message of 'Choose Life' for the cause of the Pro-Life movement. (Actually, I was just interested on having the beautiful Mrs. White on my blog site!) To tell you the truth she and other beautiful and talented people like her are the true inspiration for having and keeping the babies.

In fact it is a profound proposition that people are expendable in any way. To think of someone as a burden or disposable is really the height of evil itself. It makes more sense to take the time to meet someone and get married than to simply sleep with another equally irresponsible person and then discard the life of child.

I have known a few women who have had abortions and I can not say that they are eternally grieved by their decision but the reality of what is taking place is really no better than Auschwitz or falling prey to Stalin or any of the current political dictators that rule through death.

What we do in America is lie and say that they, the human fetus is not human. We have succeeded in doing that because we have said that the human being is an animal. How we managed that lie is hard to explain. We will say that a giraffe is an animal and thusly a human being is an animal. Then to explain the tremendous difference between man and animal we will say that man is a more intelligent animal. Yet, animals do not try to persuade men through language, which only man has perfected, they also do not lie, only man does that.

Although I feel for those who have no faith in God and subsequently believe that they are in a financial bind by having a child, there still is no justification for killing the human inside the womb and no amount of empathy for the woman is justified in legitimizing that action.

What we do with abortion and homosexuality is to reduce the human to chattel and mere extrinsic objects. It is funny that homosexuals who are terribly subjective themselves resort to a sexual behavior that is totally objectifying. That perhaps best sums up the homosexual disorder, self-subjective and objectifying the other. In fact, the homosexuals objected to being referred to as 'other' in the Manhattan Declaration, I suppose that we are to be one large 'self''. They actually object to everything in time.

Anyway, we can enjoy the wonderful video made by the beautiful Keisha White without going into all of this right now... but then again we have to address it, we do.

See Father Pavone at Priestforlife.org and lend him your support to end abortion.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DADT, Except If Your Gay Then It's Okay

Bradly Manning the intelligence officer who betrayed his country turns out like a lot of traitors to be a homosexual. Pfc. Manning was it turns out the solider responsible for delivering to Julius Assange the head of WikiLeaks the famous diplomatic cables so that he Julius could attack and destroy this country which he hates so much. There is so much proof in the pudding that the gays are dangerous to the country and that they are psychiatrically ill.

Yet just this week the kissing cousin of homosexuality, Narcissistic Personality Disorder was also rescinded from the Diagnostical Statistical Manuel of the American Psychiatric Association. Only those two, the two psychological profiles which would be vain enough to care if they were in there. Patients who are depressed, those with eating disorder will admit that they have a problem, homosexuals, Narcissist and sociopaths will not.

I hope that this last example of the dangers of homosexuals serving in the military will finally put to rest the long and distinguished career of the Secretary of Defense Gates, that man said that homosexuals serving in the military would do no harm and yet look at the harm that has already been committed. In fact the Florida pastor who wanted to burn one thousand Korans (in Florida) seemed to be a threat to the American military more than the traitors within it's ranks, now how is that?

Click on the title above to read Ann Coulter's brillant article on this traitor at Townhall.com.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

D'oh my heavens: Homer J. Simpson is Catholic, declares Vatican newspaper

All I can say to this is how inhumanely stupid the editors of the L’Obserrveo Romano (which is a stupid name if you want an international readership) that is, all it proves is that neither the Church has learned to relate to the international cultures at all. Bishops who can not be consulted during the child sex scandal, slow as molasses when it comes to use of the media and now this absolute demonstration of total ignorance of other people’s culture.What a stupid incompetent staff they have over there at the Vatican, they have no representatives or journalist to examine American culture or does LOR believe they can simply decree who is and who is not Catholic as if it were as infallible as the Pope.

How can you spread a Gospel when the cultures are so foreign, I don’t believe that LOR has a real website. 

D'oh my heavens: Homer J. Simpson is Catholic, declares Vatican newspaper

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

GLAA Forum: U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips suspends DADT

“To comply with the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Act, Doe must keep hisU.S. District Court Judge Virginia Phillips sexual orientation a secret from his coworkers, his unit, and his military superiors,and he may not communicate the core of his emotions and identity to others in the same manner as heterosexual members of the military, on pain of
discharge from the Army. (Doc. No. 212 ["July 6, 2010, Order"] at 16; Trial Ex. 38.) “


No one is asked to 'comply' with don't ask don't tell, simply 'don't ask, don't tell'. Meaning the government will not ask you about your sexuality and the soldier will not reveal it. Besides how many men can communicate the core of their identity with other men and in what situation will that be done? Are you asking your fellow G.I.'s to play the role of therapist? Will homosexuals have a problem keeping State secrets as well? Further, the homosexual is perpetrating a fraud by joining in the first place when in fact they know the military's policy barring homosexuals, just as the Church has done. The military cannot afford emotionally disturbed individuals who jeopardize their security and mission objectives. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is not the policy it's the technique, homosexuals are excluded from the military is the policy. DADT is a lot like illegal immigration and should be dealt with in the same way. Don't Ask, Don't Tell or invoke the draft and Do Ask and bar, so that war and warmongering could not go on for ten years as it has in the middle east.

This and the Judge Walker case where the plaintiff also had vague reasons for wanting to be married to his partner which was an emotional release is indicative of the desire to merge with another of the same sex which is a psychological misgiving. The gay question of equality is almost entirely emotionally driven. When we think of the psycohological hinderences that we have frankly over looked in the past, depression as a matter of Prozac sales, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in soldiers which was ignored for years and many others we are only now using the the law to further an emotionally distrubed group who will not claim to be so because of the allaince between the state and the homosexual community, as long as they are willing to work the state is willing to concede their psychological health as a qualification to do so regardless of their true emotional health.

Homosexuals need to get closer to God and not each other. It was David who comforted King Saul with psalms when the King suffered is debilitating depression. "So whensoever the evil spirit from the Lord was upon Saul, David took his harp, and played with his hand, and Saul was refreshed, and was better, and the evil spirit departed from him." 1Kings 16:23

GLAA Forum: U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips suspends DADT

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Spirited Atheist: Atheists (think they)know more about religion than the religious - On Faith at washingtonpost.com

This survey was interesting in that it reveals how our educational theory in America really works. For instance, our military puts a huge premium on 'smart bombs' and high tech weaponry but when we go out to Iraq our troops get shell shocked by improvised explosive devices and we have been at war with these so called primitive people longer than we have the Germans or any other European nation.

It was John Milton that said "Those who put out the peoples eyes reproach them for blindness." The most widely published book in history, the Bible which has shaped history of Europe and much of the west can't be read in the public schools for fear of proselytization. Most printed journals (with the brilliant exception of the Washington Post and the Huffington Post) do not have a faith or religious section nor a religious editor's desk. It would seem the case for keeping the Bible out of public school is effectively dismissed. It is necessary for the cultural edification of Americans to say the least. We could also do with more civic lessons and maintain mathematics as a liberal art as well as maintain the status quo dynamic of 'arts and science' not 'math(formula) and science'.

Thirdly, atheist pride themselves on knowledge so it would be to their discredit if they could not answer the questions sufficiently. However, atheist knowledge of religion is not knowledge of God by any means it is a superficial textbook type of education which is in fact not knowledge at all, since knowledge is tactile or palpable. As Sophocles said on action "One must learn by doing the thing. For though you think you know it, you have no certainly until you try. ..." or in the Bhagavad Gita as Arjuna was instructed to do when he was surrounded and at war with his teachers, "fight, Arjuna, fight". It is faith over reason in Christianity, not faith without and without faith one can gain no admittance to the true knowledge of God. Rationalism has just been a way of dealing with one's own convoluted emotions. Jesus spoke even to the illiterates of his day in parables, a making the Bible a spiritual encrypted text, "Faith then cometh by hearing; and hearing by the word of Christ" Romans 10:17.

Our very own Congressman claim not to read the bills they vote on, that takes understanding.As well our best professional athletes probably can not quote stats very well but there is no doubt that they know their sport. Athletes could not participate in sports with a linear form of consciousness.

Even Pharaoh told Thoth the Egyptian god of wisdom and writing when writing was introduced to him, that people will think that they are wise in their knowledge but in fact they will understand less than they know.

Finally, this survey serves as a great indictment against atheist before God, it is quite incriminating. They have read, probably could get no access through pride and abandoned. Atheist pride themselves on knowledge and literature but still don't know God when God can be discerned from every blade of grass.

The Spirited Atheist: Atheists know more about religion than the religious - On Faith at washingtonpost.com

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Judge overturns California gay marriage ban

"Indeed, the evidence shows Proposition 8 does nothing more than enshrine in the California Constitution the notion that opposite-sex couples are superior to same-sex couples," the judge wrote in his 136-page ruling.

He also said proponents offered little evidence that they were motivated by anything other than animus toward gays — beginning with their campaign to pass the ban, which included claims of wanting to protect children from learning about same-sex marriage in school.

"Proposition 8 played on the a fear that exposure to homosexuality would turn children into homosexuals and that parents should dread having children who are not heterosexual," Walker wrote.

The problem is of course that we are not sure that the Judge himself is not gay thus biased and we need to know that in these cases. How can the judges sexuality not come into question? Was there a jury of some kind? From his writing he certainly seems to stem from the homosexual camp. He starts off entirely looking at the issue as a matter of status. To be a couple they would have to be complimentary, they would have to be equal and opposite. When this judge makes the decision he is starting off from a view point of "all things being equal" which in reality they are not. When we consider that the only legal origin of homosexuality in America is as a psychiatric disorder and heterosexual marriage in the United States is not they are not equal in the first place, nor are they equal when a heterosexual couple can have the potential for children of their own and the homosexuals cannot. Of course it is true that the people who can have children of their own ought to have the greatest say in what type of environment the children ought to be raised. Gay marriage makes a request of heterosexuals to lie to themselves in the same way that homosexuals have lied to themselves, that there is nothing abnormal about their behavior. The problem is that the homosexuals are psychiatrically ill. The government ran to professor Nash of Princeton for his academic expertise and got it, the only problem is they got it from a madman, he was a schizophrenic. Judge Walker has demonstrated that he presides over nothing more than a Caligulian courtroom, where democracy is over turned by a single person who is subject to the same bias and prejudices we all are. I do not think that it is just a matter that the emperor has no clothes as much as the fact that we have an emperor in these courtrooms at all, then send armies over seas to spread "democracy".I also find that it is illegitimate to disqualify the positions of religious bodies such as the Church and the Muslims and the Rabbi's. I do not see how any people that vast and long standing could be completely irrelevant to the judgment of man when in fact they serve a precise function in society to do just that. To know and love God and to have Him as the focal point of man's decision making, what other person outside of man would suffice for the purpose? How does man know when he is sound or not? If any one, professor Nash proved that belief in a rational man is in fact an irrationally disproportionate assumption towards that very belief. The belief that man is a rational creature at all is in fact irrational judging from the history of man.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Are Sexual Mores Based On Love and Truth or Currently Acceptable Trends?

Citing Anthony Stephen-Arroyo column in the Washington Post "On Faith" July 22 article where Dr. Bill Donohue of the Catholic League makes the claim upon all the evidence of the Church sex scandal that the main violators were not merely pedophiles but homosexuals and that homosexuality is the real culprit I have to say to some degree that I agree with him. It seems to me that while homosexuality gets a pass because it is between two consenting adults, pedophilia is a crime because the child is below the age of consent. Yet the question remains whether sexual deviance of any sort can be either eschewed legally or supported. The reality of the matter is that sexuality is a matter of psychological conditioning, people have certain appetites to express positions and traits that they hold within themselves. The pedophile is looking to have complete control and dominance he is as interested in abusing his victims as any torturer. The homosexual is also interested in abusing the person that he is having sex with, that is the trait that ought to be recognized with the homosexual as well. Where there is pride there is bound to be this desire to express triumphalism and superiority beyond the acceptable limit that a person ought to be treated, ultimately it is an absence of love that is the prevailing trait.

Some would say that the crime is the Bishops looking the other way when it came to sexual abuse of minors and that is highly possible. I would offer that none of us would be looking at this issue either if it wasn't for the money that could be dole out to victims, up to one billion dollars now. If the Church was poor and bankrupt, if there was no way for money to be had, a lawyer would not even be hired.

"Roderick MacLeish Jr., a lawyer with the firm that represents nearly half of the alleged victims, said the $85 million offer was accepted after considering the archdiocese's financial condition and the additional stress a trial would put on victims." http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,96801,00.html

Sexuality has variant moral latitudes amongst us as human beings. Here in the United States and Europe homosexuality is no longer considered a psychiatric or moral problem when in fact it is seen to be so by the Church. In South Africa for instance they have some of the highest rates of child rape in the world (http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1680715,00.html?xid=feed-yahoo-full-world). "Many children are brutalized so often that they are desensitized to the abuse being a crime."

Variances on sexual predispositions lead to a variety of moral perceptions regarding sexual behavior and even then what the individual holds is often different than what the state espouses. For instance in India and places like South Africa many men claim to believe that having sex with a minor will cure them of AIDS. The moral implication of this of course being two fold one is that sex with a minor is legitimate given any condition and two ridding oneself of AIDs at the expense of another contracting it is also valid. While in places like Uganda homosexuality is still illegal. In the United States and Europe there used to be sodomy laws on the books as well as laws preventing the manufacturing and dissemination of pornography. Today gay marriage is perceived by some as a civil right and pornography is a billion dollar a year industry.

The payouts from the Church may not be directly related to the crimes, there are undoubtedly those not telling the truth to get to the money that is available as was the case in the 9/11 tragedy, hurricane Katrina disaster and the Toyota recall of 2010. According to the John Jay Report, the responses of the dioceses and religious communities at the time of the allegations were as follows.

As for other crimes, John J. Geoghan who was the defrocked priest at the center of the Boston Archdiocese Church Sex Scandal in the 1990's was killed in prison by Joseph Druce. He was accused of allegedly abusing 130 children. Although he was in protective custody he was strangled and stomped to death, yet the State was not held liable for this. In fact most probably thought he deserved his fate when in fact he had beaten two charges because the statue of limitations had run out and one case was dropped by the plaintiff. The case that he was in jail for was being appealed.

In the end when we live in a world with such outstanding ambiguity when it comes to sexual mores as we do today, it seems strange to a limited degree that pedophilia would be treated excessively different or that we really have the right to "screen out" the less popular sexual activities on a moral basis, presumably because they are not as popular as say homosexuality or seen as indefensible.

NAMBLA(North American Man Boy Love Association) was a member of the International Gay and Lesbian Alliance in 1993 (along with MARTIJN and Project Truth) until forced out by a bill from Senator Jesse Helms which would withhold $119 million dollars in U.N. contributions until President Bill Clinton could certify that "no UN agency grants any official status, accreditation, or recognition to any organization which promotes, condones, or seeks the legalization of pedophilia, that is, the sexual abuse of children". The International Gay and Lesbian Association received U.N. consultative status in 1994. While Gary King of the Human Rights Organization claimed that NAMBLA was not a gay organization and had nothing to do with the homosexual community. NAMBLA responded by saying "man/boy love is by definition homosexual," that "man/boy lovers are part of the gay movement and central to gay history and culture," and that "homosexuals denying that it is 'not gay' to be attracted to adolescent boys are just as ludicrous as heterosexuals saying it's 'not heterosexual' to be attracted to adolescent girls. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Man/Boy_Love_Association#The_International_Lesbian_and_Gay_Association_controversy

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Obama Moves away from 'Freedom of Religion' toward 'Freedom of Worship'? - U.S. - Catholic Online

Obama Moves away from 'Freedom of Religion' toward 'Freedom of Worship'? - U.s. - Catholic Online

“Every religious idea, every idea of God-even flirting with the idea of God—is unutterable vileness of the most dangerous kind, contagion of the most abominable kind. Millions of sins, filthy deeds, acts of violence, and physical contagion are far less dangerous than the subtle, spiritual idea of God.” Lenin wrote these words and was convinced by them. As Lutheran Pastor Richard Wurmbrand stated in his 1967 book Tortured for Christ, “The highest goal of man is to become Christ-like. To prevent this is the main aim of Communists. They are primarily anti-religious. they believe that after death man becomes salt and minerals, nothing else. They desire the whole life to be lived on the level of matter.”

We have come to the conclusion in the West that the Cold War is over because of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and the economic demise of the Soviet Union and because British Prime Minister at the time Margret Thatcher claimed it had ended. Certainly, communism failed as the one thing it was touted to be, an economic system. However, as a value system it persists. The atheist today lament the Inquisition a tribunal process that last over 700 years between 12th century and the 19th century. They also bring up the Crusades although America and much of the West is fighting Muslims at this time and the Muslims much like the Communist find that those with other religion (Communist would prefer nothing but communism) are incompatible with their ‘system’. Even recently, Soviet spies have been exposed although they were under surveillance for years.

Today, there are traits and tendencies in the world which do not openly declare themselves to be members of Communism but they are a social concupiscence, a unity between homosexuals, atheists and pro-choice parties that share these views very much like that of the communists. People that certainly seem to work in concert in a way that the average Catholic has not. Many Catholics do not even keep a internet network by which they can stay in contact with one another in their local parish. It is also worth mentioning the constant presure of the Muslims. Certainly, one of the main ideas that need to be given voice is that Catholicism as a religion has a cosmogony and theology. We think that indeed there is evil in the world and that that evil is orchestrated by a fallen angel, a spiritual power named Satan. How other explain it is not clear, how they explain evil.

In the Church sex scandal there has been an overshot of pedophilia itself to set scorn upon the Catholic Bishops. This actions are said to be crime, crime against the State. Ironically, the State is now like blasphemy charges in Islam which gets stained and offended and requires recompense. There are “hate crimes”, “war crimes” and the very concept of discrimination is considered a “crime”. Today, almost anyone can fall under the jurisdiction of the United States court system. The Church and the Vatican is called into these court systems whereas the Bishops are “employees” of the Vatican and the Pope, as if they work for the salary or pay. It is a speculation that all financial transactions can be formulated in terms of an employer/employee relation. Not to mention the idea that money can be used to justify bringing people to everlasting life in a place where money is worthless. To say that the Bishops are “employees” who work for money is to say that they are idolatrous like anyone who works strictly for money and are not merely given access to a line of financial support which everyone in society needs in order to live respectfully and independently. Although I may receive $1000.00 a week from my parents it does not imply that I am their employee. The States unwillingness to see relationships as independantly  as they are from that of the business model is a capitalist socialist interpretation which is much more a collaboration of political communism with economic capitalism, what I would call, the corporate capitalist canopy. Where all of the “little people” live in the roots and shadows of those multi-millionaires living on subsidiaries and stipends as if all were illegal immigrants, all working but invisibly with limited legal rights.

It certainly appears that in this “New World Order” there is no place for the Church which is much the way that the Communist perceived things. Therefore it seems that in fact that Communism and Capitalism have worked out their differences which was not all that much since the Capitalist were materialist who simply wanted the comfort of money and Communist were materialist who believed that all was mere matter as well but sought a fair distribution amongst the masses and had the State as the central planner. Islam on the other hand wanted Allah to be the center of this world but as we see in Dubai and Saudi Arabia the “Holy Land” of all Muslims no problem with the wealth of Capitalist and the central planning of the Communist. Only the Catholic Church the body of Christ interrupts all these plans because it says that the world is evil and that this current life must be sacrificed for the life to come.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ross Douthat:With Catholics Like These, Who Needs Democrats or Harvard Grads

200px-RossDouthat Ross Douthat does not merely claim to be a Catholic, he is also a Harvard graduate. Clearly, you can see what problems we face.  Yet, all our reason is supposed to be stymied because they tout the name Catholic or Harvard graduate.
Who needs an educational facility, that is one of the most expensive in the country but is for all intentions little more than an anti-American intellectual terrorist training camp inside the U.S.?  How can we accept Commanders and Chiefs from an institution that would prohibit the American military itself from recruiting on it's ground all the while Americans are putting their lives on the line to defend their presumptuous Ivy league lifestyle? How can we permit a Supreme Court Justice to sit on the bench from this very same school, who will insist that "Don't ask Don't tell" policy crafted under an administration that she herself served directly under as Solicitor General was "a moral injustice of the first order"?  How did homosexuality become the litmus test for morality? An institution that produces President Barrack Hussein Obama who believes that the Biblical admonishments against homosexuality are little more than "obscure references". Since when is St. Paul, author of almost one third of the new testament and Romans chapter 1, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 obscure? How can a Harvard trained attorney find a book obscure which literally numbered each and every sentence?  Did Barrack Hussein Obama draw these conclusions from America's "moral imagination?"  Is this what Harvard's twisted pseudo intellectualism amounts to, one thing in name and another in practice? Did I mention that Harvard educated Ross Douthat considers himself Catholic?
All the while we proclaim two plus two must equal five for the sake of equality or because their handlers in the Kremlin or Osama Bin Laden said that is their mission. All to often recently we discover that we live amongst spies and terrorist. We greet each other in the morning then set about our variant jobs in the day, one to be a nurse, another to be a lawyer and yet another to plant a bomb in middle of Times Square. Then we break for lunch at the local McDonald's. Of course the report from the neighbors is what a good and regular joe the local terrorist was,  the plotter and the terrorist. If Ross Douthat is a Catholic, how can you possibly blame the Catholics for anything? Ross Douthat, Elena Kagan and Barrack Hussein Obama, this is what Harvard is turning out, anti-Americans? Then we will ask, "Where did it all go wrong?".

Ross Douthat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Friday, July 2, 2010

New York Times Modernist Homosexual Mentality Unsafe For America

Gaberial Schonfeld spoke in May about his new book Necessary Secrets: National Security, the Media, and the Rule of Law. He explains how on several occasions the New York Times as well as other media sources have worked with National Security Employees or "leakers" which produced great losses for American security and defense.

Here, I refer to it as a homosexual mind set because of the famous ranting of openly gay congressman Barney Frank who went on a Kruschev like tantrum begging what he thought to be an unanswerable if not rhetorical question of how homosexual marriage could possibly effect the lives of their heterosexual neighbors. When in fact, any person in their sound mind, the subconscious mind, could tell you that trends and common acceptance of customs are perpetuated by the masses for the greater good of social cohesion and the avoidance of ostracism. The irony of course being the homosexual's exploitation of this interdependency amongst people in which they demand to be recognized as equal and accepted in community but foresake and hold has a trivial issue the long standing adherence to natural law the people they want to live openly amongst cherish. Further they claim that their lives lived outside of the closet, no differently than it was lived inside of the closet will have no effect on America's standards of social and moral behavior. The shadows and the phantasies of the dark and cramped closet are now to be performed without moral inhibition in the conscious light of day. When in fact the only thing normal about homosexual behaviour is their demonstrative psychosis which blinds them from comprehending how the human behavior of one influences the human behavior of others and yet every rule of social acceptance is predicated on this phenomenon.

More specifically, the recorded seminar above has an introduction from General Haydon, former CIA director. He expresses what he rightly percieves as the communal responsibility of journalist and how their actions can jeopardize national security in contrast to their self declared role of protecting Americans from a government run amok. There is this ever present balance between an informed public and national security which publications like the New York Times ignore.

The traditional role of the press as the fourth estates comes into question as many roles have changed in this era of globalization. Much in the same way the fulcrum of pressure that ordinarily kept people out of bankruptcy has diminished to the point where bankruptcy is now nothing more than a financial strategy most everyone is willing to employ. Today the question arises as to whether the press is really a counter balance to the three branches of government as it has consistently argued in decades past has been the preeminent legitimization for not disclosing their confidential sources or are they merely an agency complict in a crime which may have national security repercusions far into the future they could never have foreseen.

Leaks when carried out by government intelligence officials are crimes. Are the news professionals reporting the story they received from them complicit in this crime?

In the Catholic Church Sex Scandal of 2010, the New York Times let loose a barrage of defamatory articles with legal cases mostly supplied by Jeff Anderson the prosecuting attorney against the Church. What then was the justification for essentially leasing their circulation to an attorney who was currently prosecuting the case? The Church is not government so it could not be said to be performing this very biased attacks for the sake of National Security. Nor can the Church be said to be directly involved with the New York Times in any way. However, it still lent out it's circulation to an attorney who was literally in the middle of his prosecution. Why, and what should the Federal Government or the State government fear (as they attempted to defaming the current New York State Governor) from the New York Times selling out its circulation? The answer is simple, what propagandist would not like to have access to the The New York Times readership? Well certainly a tremendous amount of unflattering things can be said against several agencies that serve Americas' interests. The C.I.A. ,N.S.A, the United States Military any one of which could have it's past files and action regurgitated upon an unsuspecting public blasting controversial and shrouded activities throughout the fifties, sixties and seventies. Had these agencies existed as long as the Church it is quite possible that they would go back hundreds and even thousands of years of independently concluded "wrong doings". Looking at events in the past through the prism of today's secular democracy which currently perceives two men marrying as a civil right. It becomes clear that what was initially perceived as an unbiased public service to keep the public in formed for the sake of democracy can alternately be refitted to be used on the offensive. The shield of confidentiality protecting their source which they so zealously preserve for themselves applies in the Church Sex Scandal only so far as their publishing credibility is concerned yet unless the source is disclosed, it can verily be anyone with an interest in destablizing Church or the United States for that matter, including Al Qaeda.

Mr. Schoenfeld argues that the state has a right to keep some of it's secrets secret in the interest of national security to which no one would argue, however he goes one step further and question what civic responsibility the press have even if they come across issues of national security. Returning to Congressman Franks temper tantrum for a moment, what social responsibility do Americans owe one another? The Empire State Building refused to honor the Mother Teresa in lights this year but if the Empire State Building would to be hit with a plane similar to the Twin Towers, would Catholics in the vicinity be justified in not helping the victims? Are we one nation under God during war and sudden tragedy but independent of one another during all other times? Is it not the essence of psychological maturity when one commits to sharing in the social enviornment of another even if he or she does not particularly enjoy it but instead recognizes an inteterdendent solidarity amongst all when the waif of cigerette smoke and the sound of music cannot be avioded but also need not be xenophobically disdained? Certainly were a bomb to explode in the middle of a crowded Manhattan street it's only criteria for whom it will effect would be it's blast radius. With in the radius of this bomb it would not matter who was Catholic, Jewish, Muslim or atheist.

At the same time does not the Church and the State have the right to reserve judgement on how they respond to incidents within their respective domains as a legitimate internal decision making process? Similarly, the editorial decision of the Times are exclusively reserved by them they Times does not solicit the opinion of any other body as to what it should print. This is also an internal decision making process which they themselves treat as private if not secret.
Yet the Vatican and the United States are neither private or necessarily act in secret, they are soverign, neither are a private 'buisness' to wit liabilities can be claimed as if each and every incident which occurs right outside their doors can be litigated as a simple slip and fall case.
Major Nisan Hidal, the tradey of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans or even the British Petrolem oil spill can be readily construed as federal government lapses but then so can the Vietnamn War and all other actions the Executive and legislative branch involves itself. Do we hold the state responsible for the actions of it's adversaries as well, for all the cases of slip and fall which are deliberate frauds?

Now the Catholic Church faces a Supreme Court trial. Yet it faces the trial under the provincial laws of Oregon. In Oregon, the Bishops are seen as "employees' of the The Holy See and the priest are seen as "employees" of the Bishops. This false nomenclature or mercantile transposition of a mercantile relatedness does not suite the relationship of the Church as much as it does a shopping mall. Certainly, there has to be some consideration for States, Multi-nationals and the Church, which in part may explain why international bodies like the U.N. are in New York and not Oregon. One wonders were the president of Iran to visit an embassy in Oregon (or for whatever reason he might be there) would they arrest him under similar statutes?

This questionable judgement when it comes to more complex organisations like the Church brings into question whether a change of venue is warranted, since it seems that only under Oregon State can the Bishops be viewed in this light. Are congressmen employees of the State, to the point where they merely carry out the wishes of the state for pay? Are Colonels employees of the military, does their paycheck reflect a reasonable compensation for what they do? Perhaps in fact this is the mentality that has swept America which is why Major Nisan Hidal was allowed to be promoted with out any qualms that an actively faithful Muslim man was working so closely with American troops set to depart to Afghanistan and effectively neutralize as many of his fellow Muslims as they saw fit. This again is Barney Franks homosexual mind set where by one fails to intuit how ones actions effects an other's. The homosexual mind set, or 'gay', actively excludes the intuitive reality or perhaps what was formerly known in the ancient world as 'ether' or perhaps 'love'. It attempts in its psychologically deranged defensive posture to ignore emotions, what one feels, and the entire gamut of subconscious reality which can be better learned in a heterosexual relationship. The immediately apprehend truths that do not need to be extrapolated into conscious debate which few have words to express because here to fore they were taken as intuitive, axiomatic and self evident truths. Only men and women can marry, the Church is not a mercantile business and one can not transpose that relationship upon them any more than they can upon the lawyer/client relationship, the doctor/patient relationship or the penitent/confessor relationship. While these fiduciary relationships imply money as the paramount interest they more accurately reflect the true application of human rights, the right to private council. Yet we have seen the United States succumb to the 'business of America is business" model applied to all walks of life. Hospitals were run as if they were factories by HMO's(Health Medical Organizations), war in Iraq was surmised to be identical to the liberation of France in 1945, entire baseball teams were classified as a "product' on the field all in the inescapable reality of having only economic primacy and subsequently the mercantile paradigm as the sole reason for being which could be applied. Even beef and poultry farms were operated at un Godly rates of reproduction, life and slaughter, with slaughter houses killing up to 5000 cattle a day, injecting them with Bovine Growth Hormones to keep their meat as lean as chicken. Only to be slowed down by Mad Cow disease because they were feed dead cats and dogs presumably as a means to cut the cost of feeding them. This lead to a suspension of importation of American Beef by the Japanese.

The homosexual mindset as proved out by the New York Times, the Associated Press and Reuters, not to mention Time magazine. Harbors the notion that one can print things irresponsibly, they treat great epochs of European history as mere foot notes, the Crusades, the Inquisition and simply hope that what most have associated with the reality about these events, no matter how vague, will suffice to garner the animosity of the reader against the Church much in the way a screen writer attempts to influence the emotions of the movie watcher, with little regard to historical accuracy.

What the Church needs now is a metaphysical change of venue. Currently Oregon has dictated how it will perceive the Church and it has chosen to perceive the Church as a "private" entity like a bank, filled with employees who answer to the Pope and the Holy See as a corporate headquarters. The irony is not lost at all in fact that for decades the United States has abide by a policy of 'separation of Church and State'. This speaks exclusively to the Catholic Church and not nearly or at all to Protestantism, which does not have a universal Church, or one body, the organization of which RICO statues have been seen appropriate to apply in the Church scandal, for if there is only one body and one head, certainly it can be held accountable for the actions of all it's participants. Rather, only the clergy or "employees" are to be held responsible and not the parishioners. This then brings into question why would any mercantile organizations be barred from the worlds largest capitalist country? Who then is the Church in this separation and why are they separated? Has the separation of Church and State just dissolved?

Certainly an organized body, a person, has the right to present itself in court under the guise of their own self perceived identity. No one has to go into a trial under the characterization of the plantiff. Where that not true, how would a fair trial be possible? African-Americans in 1935 Alabama would thus be characterized as unintelligent, shiftless "internal problems" whenever they went to court from the very beginning and that has historically been the case. Even to the point where animals were allowed to testify against them, a horse would be summoned to stomp it's hooves twice for "yes" and once for "no". The trial would commence with the defendant attempting first to plead his way out of the psychotic perceptions of the plaintiff. This has dangerous implications in this era of terrorism and terror trials.

In the end one might suspect that we are witnessing a new dark ages in the United States and Western civilization where people are content to lie or perceive others as they see fit rather than to adhere to logic and reason. What are human rights, are they rights a man has under God, or are they rights men bestow bilaterally amongst themselves? Then again, what are human wrongs and when can you deduce that the moral fiber of a country has been removed. Is it not when natural law is devalued? Is it not when reason and logic are replaced with ambition and political motives? Is it not when truth is barred from legal proceeding and medical diagnosis. In the famous words of Pontius Pilate, "What is truth?". Will America succumb to a dark age of lies in order to shape it self into prefabricated state drawn from the delusional fantasies of it's own moral imagination, or will we respect the truth of God and admit that man is bereft without Him? Much of the truth can be known but comprehensive understanding through the eyes of mature men who can hold the threads of liberty, justice and truth in hands of sincere humanitarianism, abide by natural law and reason with the logos of divine love.

Monday, June 28, 2010

What Sex Scandal?

Having lived in New York City all of my life, through the cold war, A.I.D.S epidemic the crack epidemic and having a relative who sold drugs in the South Bronx, living with relatives in an apartment who were on drugs I have an unsettled sense of contempt for what I would call "urban secular blasphemy" that an article like this pursues. The idea of this incident as being a back breaking straw upon the camel is contrary to the urban survival strategy many of us have honed over the years. As a New Yorker I could only tell you that if you believe this child sex scandal of the Catholic Church is the most evil thing that I have ever heard in a hierarchy of evil I would sooner submit that a writer like those at the New York Times be placed right above these pedophile priest, cover up Bishops or ebophile priests because the lie and liar are more evil.

Burning people in an oven, genocide in Rwanda, former Yugoslavia, the selling of children by their own parents into slavery and for sex, selling drugs to the young woman next door with three children to care for, turning ten year old boys into drug addicted mercenaries who kill men and rape women three times their own age. Roman soldiers whom most historian glorify who unwound with a nice young boy on their penis after a hard day of killing and crucifying non- Roman citizens.My list goes on and on and at the top of that list rest the lie.

When I first heard of the child sex scandal of the Catholic Church back in 2002, it really shook me up all the way to the point that I left the Church and went to a Baptist church. However, I have found that they were although very good not solid in doctrine in much the same way the United States and this article is ersatz. I returned to the Catholic Church based on a prophecy given to me by a woman there at the Baptist church. Yes, we Christians still adhere to prophets and prophetess and when you pursue the religious all of the mystery has to be taken into effect, that includes God, it cannot be exclude and discarded as rubbish as is the status quo in the secular world.

This new era that we live in is a new dark age because between the homosexuals and the pro-choice crowd there is a real attempt to preclude people from logical and conscious thought. For instance fighting against sonograms before an abortion takes place, not using DNA evidence to prove that the child and the mother are not the same person, why, aren't we constantly praising the advances science has offered us?

This scandal is only a scandal to those who hold a sentimental vision that (a) children are innocent and (b) the Catholic Church is a mere vision of purity and also innocence. When in fact although we can not settle when life begins and we kill 4000 babies in the womb we say upon birth up until the year of two (when they become terrible) that children are innocent. We say the same about people caught in a bomb blast in Iraq but we do not know anything about their lives or why all of sudden they are innocent, is it because they have nothing to do with their own demise? Children are not innocent, where that the case they would never smack their own mothers in the face at 2 years old. Children are young, not innocent, they are relatively harmless, not innocent. Innocence is not a property of nature, not at two, not at eighteen, not at ninety, plants are not innocent, they are plants. Those that died in the bomb blast can be a number of people, none are innocent. We just don't know what sins they may have. In Catholicism all are turned over to original sin in order that everyone may justified, God did that, not the Church, that is the religion. The only ones that are innocent was the Virgin Mary (The Immaculate Conception) and Jesus the Christ, who died for our sins as God and man, who was without sin and and the only one who could pay for our sins, thus absolving us of paying for them ourselves. So in effect, on a sentimental subconscious plane people are like teenagers spraying graffiti on a subway car, creating their own narrative and applying their narrative to Catholicism. All of these "poor children" and many were young teenagers, came home, that can not be said for the victims of abortion. So which is the greater evil? Which would you as a parent choose for your child? All of these "poor children" are now well compensated adults, where is your dead child? All these "poor children" are now fifty years old. So in effect if you are thirty or forty years old or more, there never was a time when this did not happen. Just because you lived like an ostrich with your head in the sand or because you never lived in a big city like Rome a thousand years ago or New York during the seventies and eighties or L.A. at any given time what am I to say to you and the reality of evil? Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus and there are vampires and werewolves too, perhaps now you are old enough to "hear" this.
What do I care how flabbergasted you are now? Even the victims of clerical sexual abuse knew more about reality at fourteen than your just discovering. Your naivete is contemptible, by NYC standards, we don't have time for you.
Should anyone care about how shocked you are? Who cares, as we say to jumpers in NYC during the seventies, jump! Child sex abuse, cigarette smoking is on this list but homosexuality and abortion are not? God forbid you smoke cigarettes!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fire rips through University Avenue church

Fire rips through University Avenue church

The film above is a report of a fire at a local church where there was scrawling of graphitti which said some pretty ugly things and it was suspected to be gang related. The link just above it is a report from Bronx 12 News which reported on the St. Nicholas of Tolentine fire. This fire was also said to be suspicious. However, the fire at St. Nicholas has not been labeled a hate crime which it probably should.

It cannot be stressed enough the sick and demented souls that really take up arms against Christians and Catholics are still around us. It is not Alabama 1955 in the rural south this time. No, it is the Bronx NY 2010.

Although these happened earlier this year, they needed to be posted side by side so that people can get a good idea of the general nature of evil that exists in this very liberal NYC area. No wonder Mother Teresa will not be honored in lights at the Empire States Building.

Yet, it cannot be ignored that Catholics in particular were not very welcomed in this town at first. Probably everyone is familiar with Leonardo Dicaprios “Gangs of New York” which gave a fairly good depiction of life in America for early Catholics. We have prevailed then and we will prevail now.