Monday, June 28, 2010

What Sex Scandal?

Having lived in New York City all of my life, through the cold war, A.I.D.S epidemic the crack epidemic and having a relative who sold drugs in the South Bronx, living with relatives in an apartment who were on drugs I have an unsettled sense of contempt for what I would call "urban secular blasphemy" that an article like this pursues. The idea of this incident as being a back breaking straw upon the camel is contrary to the urban survival strategy many of us have honed over the years. As a New Yorker I could only tell you that if you believe this child sex scandal of the Catholic Church is the most evil thing that I have ever heard in a hierarchy of evil I would sooner submit that a writer like those at the New York Times be placed right above these pedophile priest, cover up Bishops or ebophile priests because the lie and liar are more evil.

Burning people in an oven, genocide in Rwanda, former Yugoslavia, the selling of children by their own parents into slavery and for sex, selling drugs to the young woman next door with three children to care for, turning ten year old boys into drug addicted mercenaries who kill men and rape women three times their own age. Roman soldiers whom most historian glorify who unwound with a nice young boy on their penis after a hard day of killing and crucifying non- Roman citizens.My list goes on and on and at the top of that list rest the lie.

When I first heard of the child sex scandal of the Catholic Church back in 2002, it really shook me up all the way to the point that I left the Church and went to a Baptist church. However, I have found that they were although very good not solid in doctrine in much the same way the United States and this article is ersatz. I returned to the Catholic Church based on a prophecy given to me by a woman there at the Baptist church. Yes, we Christians still adhere to prophets and prophetess and when you pursue the religious all of the mystery has to be taken into effect, that includes God, it cannot be exclude and discarded as rubbish as is the status quo in the secular world.

This new era that we live in is a new dark age because between the homosexuals and the pro-choice crowd there is a real attempt to preclude people from logical and conscious thought. For instance fighting against sonograms before an abortion takes place, not using DNA evidence to prove that the child and the mother are not the same person, why, aren't we constantly praising the advances science has offered us?

This scandal is only a scandal to those who hold a sentimental vision that (a) children are innocent and (b) the Catholic Church is a mere vision of purity and also innocence. When in fact although we can not settle when life begins and we kill 4000 babies in the womb we say upon birth up until the year of two (when they become terrible) that children are innocent. We say the same about people caught in a bomb blast in Iraq but we do not know anything about their lives or why all of sudden they are innocent, is it because they have nothing to do with their own demise? Children are not innocent, where that the case they would never smack their own mothers in the face at 2 years old. Children are young, not innocent, they are relatively harmless, not innocent. Innocence is not a property of nature, not at two, not at eighteen, not at ninety, plants are not innocent, they are plants. Those that died in the bomb blast can be a number of people, none are innocent. We just don't know what sins they may have. In Catholicism all are turned over to original sin in order that everyone may justified, God did that, not the Church, that is the religion. The only ones that are innocent was the Virgin Mary (The Immaculate Conception) and Jesus the Christ, who died for our sins as God and man, who was without sin and and the only one who could pay for our sins, thus absolving us of paying for them ourselves. So in effect, on a sentimental subconscious plane people are like teenagers spraying graffiti on a subway car, creating their own narrative and applying their narrative to Catholicism. All of these "poor children" and many were young teenagers, came home, that can not be said for the victims of abortion. So which is the greater evil? Which would you as a parent choose for your child? All of these "poor children" are now well compensated adults, where is your dead child? All these "poor children" are now fifty years old. So in effect if you are thirty or forty years old or more, there never was a time when this did not happen. Just because you lived like an ostrich with your head in the sand or because you never lived in a big city like Rome a thousand years ago or New York during the seventies and eighties or L.A. at any given time what am I to say to you and the reality of evil? Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus and there are vampires and werewolves too, perhaps now you are old enough to "hear" this.
What do I care how flabbergasted you are now? Even the victims of clerical sexual abuse knew more about reality at fourteen than your just discovering. Your naivete is contemptible, by NYC standards, we don't have time for you.
Should anyone care about how shocked you are? Who cares, as we say to jumpers in NYC during the seventies, jump! Child sex abuse, cigarette smoking is on this list but homosexuality and abortion are not? God forbid you smoke cigarettes!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fire rips through University Avenue church

Fire rips through University Avenue church

The film above is a report of a fire at a local church where there was scrawling of graphitti which said some pretty ugly things and it was suspected to be gang related. The link just above it is a report from Bronx 12 News which reported on the St. Nicholas of Tolentine fire. This fire was also said to be suspicious. However, the fire at St. Nicholas has not been labeled a hate crime which it probably should.

It cannot be stressed enough the sick and demented souls that really take up arms against Christians and Catholics are still around us. It is not Alabama 1955 in the rural south this time. No, it is the Bronx NY 2010.

Although these happened earlier this year, they needed to be posted side by side so that people can get a good idea of the general nature of evil that exists in this very liberal NYC area. No wonder Mother Teresa will not be honored in lights at the Empire States Building.

Yet, it cannot be ignored that Catholics in particular were not very welcomed in this town at first. Probably everyone is familiar with Leonardo Dicaprios “Gangs of New York” which gave a fairly good depiction of life in America for early Catholics. We have prevailed then and we will prevail now.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Catholic Bishop Luigi Padovese Assassinated in Southern Turkey - International - Catholic Online

Catholic Bishop Luigi Padovese Assassinated in Southern Turkey - International - Catholic Online

Gone but not forgotten is the Bishop of Turkey 2010062625bishop_pardovese_insiderecently murder by his driver who, for all supposed intent converted to Catholicism but in truth still served his master the devil. Bishop Luigi Padovese was murder by his driver after the driver learned that the faithful Bishop cancelled his trip to Cypress to meet with the Pope who issued his Instrumentum Laboris (Working documents to the Churches of the Middle East.

Bishop Padovese was in fact the same Bishop who buried the recent victim of prejudice and Islamic hatred Fr Anrea Santoro whose death when he presided over in Trabozon Turkey. Fr Andrea Santoro, a Fidei Donum priest who was assinated in Trabzon Turkey in 2006.

This story was altogether ignored for the better part by CNN, Reuters,Associate Press and many of the other secular television media. It was posted as a single paragraph at best. Yet here was a Catholic Bishop killed by a Muslim extremist masquerading as a convert as he, Bishop Padovese did what he could to secure the safety of Pope Benedict XVI. Perhaps were the Bishop an American Citizen there might have been more coverage of it but even in that regard it is unlikely. The irony of much of the American life today is that many of the national enemies are Americans themselves much in the same way as a majority of the Church's worst enemies considered themselves either lapse Catholics or former Catholics who need to comfort their evil cynicism which is nothing more than the result of their total failure to comply with God’s decrees. Weakness in the flesh often leads to these dangerous quixotic crusaders to play out their tragic “my mommy took her breast from me too soon..”therapy sessions in public forums which no doubt they themselves have discovered to be worthless, good for nothing self loathing animus fit only to be slung out on the laps of their unsuspecting subscribers like a woman unpacking her heart on complete strangers the excrement of her own self deluded convultions.

Primacy of Truth over Power. St. Thomas More, Man for This Season - Living Faith - Home & Family - Catholic Online

Primacy of Truth over Power. St. Thomas More, Man for This Season - Living Faith - Home & Family - Catholic Online  

St. Thomas Moore has been canonized and 2010063133thomas_more_newest_2_insiderespected as the Saint for Statesmen and Politicians.Certainly it would be best to send a copy of this man’s great integrity to Nancy Pelosi and the other so-called Catholics there on Capital Hill. However, it is a good thing to even recognize the value of integrity in ones actions particularly as a politician and in fact I believe that it is the Catholic Church alone that has such a saint or a veneration for the truth in it’s entirety. Certainly a dedication to the falsehood of abortion, contraception and homosexuality is a testament of a nation willing to live with a lie for the sake of comfort and convenience. 

What is not recommended is to hand out little awards in the name of this great saint certainly that would not be in accordance with his actions. As of yet however there are politicians and clergy whom I would like to send a reminder of what this great saint did as a reminder to maintain their integrity. Along with St. Aloysius(Luigi) Gonzaga whom the clergy and devoted pray to for purity (whom I will dedicate a separate posting) St. Thomas Moore is portends that kind of statesman like quality that we have not seen in quite sometime. Certainly the president does not have his qualities with all of his back room deal making. (For more on that go to my political blog  Freedom From Democracy.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Catholics Defend French Cathedral de Lyon During Homosexual 'Kiss-In' - International - Catholic Online

Homosexual protestors have really become an army of socially defiant enemies of the state. After they discard God and secular social convention they then proceed to lead people into a debate about the subject, stating “Who can it harm?”. Their very question is indicative that they have not the mental health to be perceived as psychologically healthy adults.

Constantly the homosexual groups look at African-American history in terms of racial segregation and even cases where in prison people have been allowed to marry (whether they were allowed to be married as same sex couples the article does not say.) and use these bastardized groups to lend legitimacy to their case which they believe people will allow because they are too afraid to mention the obvious.

African-Americans under slavery lived in bastardized sexual relationships, with people who were related to each other marrying and conceiving defective children. Many were married or allowed to “breed” in accordance to their slave masters desire for a stronger stock of African-American slaves. The slave master were aware of this and subsequently had every reason to reject the idea of interracial marriages. This did not in any way stop them from having sex with their slaves however. Yet what it shows is that a social recognition of the union between the two would not be a supportable idea given the very justification for slavery. A justification that is much more akin to the authority to kill a child in the womb rather than the marriage debate.

Further, white Christian Americans held an edict concerning interracial marriages from the Bible which imparted the dangers of Jewish men following their God Yahweh marrying women from foreign neighboring tribes the danger lies in the men adopting the foreign gods of their new wives. These are all important and valid issue. Given the inimical state of Islam towards the United States were the Muslim allowed to “conquer” America they would instill Shari law without question then where would all the liberal groups find sympathy? It would be an entirely new ball game in America. Another example the Haitians, the 1980’s Haitians that attempted to come to America (The Boat People) were left stranded at sea. Yet Cubans who came to America where given immediate citizenship and the Catholic country of the Dominican Republic have had hundreds of thousands of it’s citizen successful immigrate to this country with a warm reception. That was in fact the immigration policy. Why were the Haitian allowed to die at sea? Well, one only has to see their failed state after the earth quake they suffered earlier this year to see why. These were in fact descendants of slaves who rebelled but whatever standards and morals including spiritual determinations they have made have made their country a failed state, they were probably a failed state in the making with the simple act of an earthquake to bring it to its obvious end.

There are substantial reason why customs are maintained. Homosexuals do tremendous harm to the state, they impose on heterosexuals the forced adoption of a conscious reality which is an out right lie. If homosexuals want to lie to themselves that is one thing but compelling others to engage in that delusion to justify their demands is preposterous. With gay marriages people insist that they have a right to walk on their hands naked every where they go and further insist that you speak to their feet as if everything were perfectly normal and I for one refuse to play that game. As it stands the very reality of “gayness” is an agreement to lie to oneself that superficial social encounters where people refrain from speaking the obvious be adopted as a status quo to all social relationship. If someone has food on their lips just smile and pretend that they do not out of fear of embarrassing them or losing them as a friend rather than to speak the obvious truth. In fact the truth about homosexuals come to light in articles like this one where it is clear just how aggressive this psychiatrically ill people really are. The homosexual does not want to change himself to be in accordance with the very same group to whom he wish entrance and acceptance but insists that he can be just as Catholic as anyone even though he dispenses with the Word of God. He insists that he is just as matured as a heterosexual married couples even when he is incapable of dealing with others as truly other in a psycho-sexual relationship with the opposite sex. He fails to grasp the necessity of “growing up” which is to fill the volume of his soul with experiential encounters that would burst his vanity and pride. Experiences that grow and mature the individual until in fact he has reached psychological as well as sexual maturity by which time he would not be entitled to marry a woman but in fact psycho-sexually welcome it. However in his pride he refuses to accept the parameters of the contest.

Here the homosexuals are clearly “bum rushing” a Cathedral to have a “kiss –in” yet insist that they are Christian and justified by God and only bigotry and fear (homophobia, a diagnosis they are comfortable labeling everyone who opposes them while dispensing with their own.) yet paying no attention to the fact that pride in itself is a negative trait, an inflated sense of ones own self worth.

Americans must not be deceived (as the homosexuals have been by Satan) that these homosexuals are “in love” or even have “love” when rather knnowing exactly what is and is not love is the emblem of maturity itself instead they are delusional and deep down inside spiteful, they hate regular society to the point that they would prefer to rip it to shreds than watch it suceed from the corners of shame the very same have relagated them to, although they were in bed together. There can be no mistaken the heated animosity that comes from these groups. Yet all the while they dance and party to make themselves appear pleasantly innocuous which has always been a lie. They are gay precisely because they refuse to give any one the satisfaction of letting them know how hurt and angry they really are. They postulate question from their own psychological defense gone awry of “who will be harmed by what we do?” because it stems from the psychological defense they themselves have adopted in order to remain proud. They refuse to allow reality to set into their minds and want to proscribe their disease for dealing with life to the rest of us, they insist we join them in the lie. How can one petition to be admitted to a society while at the same time reject the values and customs of the very same society one petitions? Perhaps for the moment that question is better answered in Arizona? What makes them right? What is this delusion that they know better and are morally superior to heterosexuals?

Where is the biological justification for two men engaging in sexual intercourse when they are anatomically incongrous? Homosexual males complete the tasks which involve the two sexual acts a "decent woman" would not perform. Perhaps as a a general rule in the interest of HIV, HPV and psychological trauma we maintain the distinct sexual roles of men, woman and children? Is not maintaining these boundaries literally the least we can do?

As far as the Catholic Church is concerned it is no doubt suspicious to many heterosexuals Catholic and non-Catholics alike the impediment the Church has on the lives of homosexuals. While they are busy promoting the idea that gay marriages will not effect heterosexual marriages for some reason the Catholic Church is negatively effecting their ambitions. The Church has not been an impediment to some of the most notorious criminal figures in history even while they remained nominal members, baptizing their children in the morning and killing a man later that same afternoon. Why do homosexuals then need such recognition from the Catholic Church? Why when you do not agree with the Church’s position on homosexuality, which is God’s position for the Church does not have it’s own doctrine on homosexuality like all Christians they derive it from the authority of the Holy Spirit in sacred scripture, why must homosexuals force the Church to recognize them and further why do they even believe that the Church can? The Bishops are simply following what came before them; the Word of God? It is incidents like this that homosexuals have to perceived as psychiatrically ill.

The fundamental truth concerning the courts is that if they cannot perceive the necessity and validity of maintaining that heterosexuals in marriage are psychological more advanced than homosexuals they invalidate themselves as bodies of true wisdom and sound thought. Water is wet for everyone, those would like to petition the courts other wise can only be successful if the courts themselves are no wiser than the administrators of British Petroleum and AIG.

Catholics Defend French Cathedral de Lyon During Homosexual 'Kiss-In' - International - Catholic Online

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dear Abby…

Abby Sunderland the American sixteen year old girl whose family must be of course long time sea voyagers tried to sail around the world alone. Previously, it would appear to many to be a preposterous assumption except for the fact that Jessica Winters an Australian Abby’s age has already done it before she reached the age of seventeen.

Clearly this can be perceived as a matter of American hegemonic egoism however and that would be correct but there is another not entirely different perspective to take away from Abby Sunderland’s attempt.

The idea that one can put a girl on the ocean without any hope of prayer. What of God, what of the gods of ancient Greek and Norse lore, were they consulted? Recently a remake of the cult classic “Clash of the Titans” was in theaters. It reminded many secularist today that man used to be ruled by gods and overcoming this oppression is the only way towards salvation. Thus this father was comfortable with the idea that as long as his daughter was in satellite contact she was okay.

What then of victor Jessica Winters, what then of the Australians. American and Australia share a similar history, they were penal colonies at least some Australians perceive that notion.American children were taught that the Pilgrims came to America in search of religious freedom and there were many of low repute amongst them. As in all defeats and here Abby Sunderland represents the nation if not factually at least representatively, one has to beg the question: what does the victor have that we do not?

The truth seems to be all that can not be spoken here in America. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but nothing of the truth. The record of an entire legal trial in America is vetted and choreographed with bits or chunks of the case omitted not merely from the case but by the political and psychological and spiritual reality outside of its four walls which bring into question the sanity not merely the legitimacy of the entire procedure. In New York the words “In God We Trust” is still bolted to many court room walls and for good reason. When in the course of sentencing harden criminals to a life behind bars someone’s authority above that of man must be present for no one has a care about the rituals and ceremonies of a lynching.

In New York City for instance the request by the Catholic League to the Empire State Building to honor the colors of the Virgin Mary, blue and white which Mother Teresa honored this August 26 atop the ESB was denied.

Why would Mother Teresa be denied other than the values she espoused were contrary to those of Anthony Malkin the building owner? She was not denied on secular grounds as she was a Noble prize winner, not even on the grounds that she was Catholic. Were that the case some one could argue that even in service to God and the Church during the course of her life Catholic or otherwise as a person she made admiral accomplishments. It certainly in this day and age no testimony to sexism or xenophobia. It has to be therefore because of the values she espoused devotion to the Holy Mother and her personal devotion to the “poorest of the poor”. Certainly if Mr. Malkin held her dedication in esteem he would have no problem with the request. Fundamentally it is the irony of many evils found in humanity, when many see none in the other. Such is the case in abortion, Terri Schivo and others seen as worthless.

This departure from what many Catholics may have felt deviated from a historical appreciation and general acceptance in New York City came to a crashing halt in declining the Catholic Leagues request. Yet, for some time charity has not prevailed in New York City for Catholics and historically it never has. We were fooled into believing so because many of us believed the entire city had reminisced of Christmas tree smells, silver bells and had sugar dumplings dancing in their heads around Christmas. Or that they enjoyed the peaceful abode of a local parish or Cathedral as they came in from a rain soaked city street. Or perhaps were familiar with the slight embarrassment of getting all dressed in those shiny, silky clothes for Easter which made one stand out, that set you apart from the others that day. Slowly but surely Christmas, Easter all revoked from Christianity and especially the Catholics. There is no need to say Merry Christmas in the department store because not everyone is Christian or because it was originally a Pagan practice and nevertheless what is Christmas other than a pleasant convention to purchase goods and talk sentimentally about loving others in a spiritual and not necessarily religious way?

We believed they would treat us like the original godfather, they like all loyal subjects would come and kiss our ring. After all so much of what it means to be Catholic today lies in the past. However they are not loyal subjects of the Pope nor very often for that matter are many Catholics. Yet this separation of Church and private interest was a wake up call for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Here in New York City we have identified our respective corners and feign no shame in espousing our disdain for Catholics. The equally resentful disdain for Muslims and Jews are only curtailed through politics and other necessities but that facade is crumbling as well. America today is anti-religious which the Protestant themselves espouse, all that is needed is a personal relationship with God. Religious freedom which is the freedom to openly profess ones religion and still be respected as a fellow citizen be damned. The central question of gay marriage proposal lead by the openly gay U.S Congressman Barney Frank was “How would a gay couple effect anyone’s life?. The very ignorance of how demonstrates the error of the homosexual mentality, that we all live separately in a Ganymede tower denying the fact that indeed we are all interdependent.The very proposition alone suggesting we unravel the tissue of society, Holy matrimony, has done exactly that. The rootless mind of the proud will in no time determine heterosexuals to be their inferiors, as stupid, when all along this perception that they share that “this” is like “that” when nothing further could be true changes the values in addition to the variables of the equation and they fail to function. The truth being that two men do not make one whole, no man is sexually attracted to another unless he idolizes himself in the other and as such is considered a psychometric invert, psycho metrics because mans mental energy can be measured. While a man’s mental energy can be plowed into the body of a woman who is meant to have a gravitational pull on mans mental energy, garnering her the unflattering homage as the “ol’ ball and chain”. Two men will merely fly away lost in sentiment and conceit.

Taken a step further all that a secularist demands is the freedom to do what they want to do.They do not need God and or religion. All they need is reason and desire, man, money and material and they can build a paradise on Earth. Rather one could perceive this change in State through Catholic eyes as the end of the world as we know it and maybe not “…feel fine” about it but with fear and trembling working our way to accept it. There is no fear of hell for these people and there was none for Abby Sunderland.

Many Americans are lost at sea in much the same way as Abby Sunderland. Especially the “collapsed Catholic” or rather the Catholic insurgents. Those who have lost the faith have been the most virulent opponents of the Church today. They are demons like pedophile Catholic priests and sensationalist seeking editors found at leading news agencies, working in tandem with the pedophiles to scandalized the Church and shaking away many of the unsteady from their hopes of eternal salvation. They have allied themselves with the atheist and the “Masonic” New World Order builders, who have planned a global secularist socialism future where everything will be great and no one will be restricted. It is a “Brave New World” and the Americans sent sixteen year old Abby Sunderland to prove it. Reminiscent of seventeenth century European royals who ruled nations by Abby’s age except most of them died in their thirties through murder or some currently curable disease.

Who would put their daughter at sea at sixteen years old? Who would ask of such a thing from their young teenage daughter? Abby Sunderland did not make it around the world this time she was rescued at sea by the Australian and French controlled Reunion Island naval forces, God bless her. Americans though are also in need of rescue but to whom will they turn? Public relations men on behalf of the Empire State Building said that if they honored Mother Teresa the ESB would be compelled to honor all the religions. The Church has grounds to ask for a clarification of this statement after ten years of war with radical Islamist whether a discernment can not yet be made between Catholicism and other religions. Perhaps this is too much to ask since the Bishops themselves are perceived as employees of the Vatican and the Pope. Such perception that would hold the current day Pope responsible for the Holy Inquisition and the Crusades would not admit to even original sin assigned by God in order to hold everyone to account. Should not a man of eighty not hold himself guilty for what he did when two years old? Is it not more reasonable that a man who would not atone for his own sins much more for those he has forgotten be held accountable for sins he himself has committed rather than to persecute a man and hold him responsible for historical epochs bulleted recently in a “memo” printed in a nation wide publication? Should the Pope be held accountable for activities that took place hundreds of years before he was even born? The animus for the Pope like that of Isrealy’s begs the question whether this unquenchable hatred has anything to do with the Pope Benedict XVI Joseph Ratzinger was a German national conscripted into the N.A.Z.I party and served as a soldier? Is there an unquenchable hatred amongst atheistic Semites for the German Pope?

At the same time this animus reveals that the devil knows Pope Benedict XVI is a formidable Pope, he is held accountable not merely for the one billion Catholics alive now but for the billions that have come before. The Pope is not Jesus Christ, certainly he would be the first one to tell anyone that. Pope Benedict XVI finished his eighth book before the Church child sex scandal was even over. The administration of one billion people is not enough the devil now wants him to atone for the billions that have come before him. Then tell him that he cant do it, it is impossible. The realm of unpardonable sins in which he lives precludes this simple proposition and yet it is the kernel of the Christian religion. Seeing the Pope atone for sins of his fellow priest he believes that he is petitioning him and if not he than whom? In a country like America where the first book put in print can not be read in our educational facilities how then can these same judge the Church? From where will they start when they know nothing of religion? Dear Abby, were you ever given a Bible to navigate your course over these seas?