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Catholics Defend French Cathedral de Lyon During Homosexual 'Kiss-In' - International - Catholic Online

Homosexual protestors have really become an army of socially defiant enemies of the state. After they discard God and secular social convention they then proceed to lead people into a debate about the subject, stating “Who can it harm?”. Their very question is indicative that they have not the mental health to be perceived as psychologically healthy adults.

Constantly the homosexual groups look at African-American history in terms of racial segregation and even cases where in prison people have been allowed to marry (whether they were allowed to be married as same sex couples the article does not say.) and use these bastardized groups to lend legitimacy to their case which they believe people will allow because they are too afraid to mention the obvious.

African-Americans under slavery lived in bastardized sexual relationships, with people who were related to each other marrying and conceiving defective children. Many were married or allowed to “breed” in accordance to their slave masters desire for a stronger stock of African-American slaves. The slave master were aware of this and subsequently had every reason to reject the idea of interracial marriages. This did not in any way stop them from having sex with their slaves however. Yet what it shows is that a social recognition of the union between the two would not be a supportable idea given the very justification for slavery. A justification that is much more akin to the authority to kill a child in the womb rather than the marriage debate.

Further, white Christian Americans held an edict concerning interracial marriages from the Bible which imparted the dangers of Jewish men following their God Yahweh marrying women from foreign neighboring tribes the danger lies in the men adopting the foreign gods of their new wives. These are all important and valid issue. Given the inimical state of Islam towards the United States were the Muslim allowed to “conquer” America they would instill Shari law without question then where would all the liberal groups find sympathy? It would be an entirely new ball game in America. Another example the Haitians, the 1980’s Haitians that attempted to come to America (The Boat People) were left stranded at sea. Yet Cubans who came to America where given immediate citizenship and the Catholic country of the Dominican Republic have had hundreds of thousands of it’s citizen successful immigrate to this country with a warm reception. That was in fact the immigration policy. Why were the Haitian allowed to die at sea? Well, one only has to see their failed state after the earth quake they suffered earlier this year to see why. These were in fact descendants of slaves who rebelled but whatever standards and morals including spiritual determinations they have made have made their country a failed state, they were probably a failed state in the making with the simple act of an earthquake to bring it to its obvious end.

There are substantial reason why customs are maintained. Homosexuals do tremendous harm to the state, they impose on heterosexuals the forced adoption of a conscious reality which is an out right lie. If homosexuals want to lie to themselves that is one thing but compelling others to engage in that delusion to justify their demands is preposterous. With gay marriages people insist that they have a right to walk on their hands naked every where they go and further insist that you speak to their feet as if everything were perfectly normal and I for one refuse to play that game. As it stands the very reality of “gayness” is an agreement to lie to oneself that superficial social encounters where people refrain from speaking the obvious be adopted as a status quo to all social relationship. If someone has food on their lips just smile and pretend that they do not out of fear of embarrassing them or losing them as a friend rather than to speak the obvious truth. In fact the truth about homosexuals come to light in articles like this one where it is clear just how aggressive this psychiatrically ill people really are. The homosexual does not want to change himself to be in accordance with the very same group to whom he wish entrance and acceptance but insists that he can be just as Catholic as anyone even though he dispenses with the Word of God. He insists that he is just as matured as a heterosexual married couples even when he is incapable of dealing with others as truly other in a psycho-sexual relationship with the opposite sex. He fails to grasp the necessity of “growing up” which is to fill the volume of his soul with experiential encounters that would burst his vanity and pride. Experiences that grow and mature the individual until in fact he has reached psychological as well as sexual maturity by which time he would not be entitled to marry a woman but in fact psycho-sexually welcome it. However in his pride he refuses to accept the parameters of the contest.

Here the homosexuals are clearly “bum rushing” a Cathedral to have a “kiss –in” yet insist that they are Christian and justified by God and only bigotry and fear (homophobia, a diagnosis they are comfortable labeling everyone who opposes them while dispensing with their own.) yet paying no attention to the fact that pride in itself is a negative trait, an inflated sense of ones own self worth.

Americans must not be deceived (as the homosexuals have been by Satan) that these homosexuals are “in love” or even have “love” when rather knnowing exactly what is and is not love is the emblem of maturity itself instead they are delusional and deep down inside spiteful, they hate regular society to the point that they would prefer to rip it to shreds than watch it suceed from the corners of shame the very same have relagated them to, although they were in bed together. There can be no mistaken the heated animosity that comes from these groups. Yet all the while they dance and party to make themselves appear pleasantly innocuous which has always been a lie. They are gay precisely because they refuse to give any one the satisfaction of letting them know how hurt and angry they really are. They postulate question from their own psychological defense gone awry of “who will be harmed by what we do?” because it stems from the psychological defense they themselves have adopted in order to remain proud. They refuse to allow reality to set into their minds and want to proscribe their disease for dealing with life to the rest of us, they insist we join them in the lie. How can one petition to be admitted to a society while at the same time reject the values and customs of the very same society one petitions? Perhaps for the moment that question is better answered in Arizona? What makes them right? What is this delusion that they know better and are morally superior to heterosexuals?

Where is the biological justification for two men engaging in sexual intercourse when they are anatomically incongrous? Homosexual males complete the tasks which involve the two sexual acts a "decent woman" would not perform. Perhaps as a a general rule in the interest of HIV, HPV and psychological trauma we maintain the distinct sexual roles of men, woman and children? Is not maintaining these boundaries literally the least we can do?

As far as the Catholic Church is concerned it is no doubt suspicious to many heterosexuals Catholic and non-Catholics alike the impediment the Church has on the lives of homosexuals. While they are busy promoting the idea that gay marriages will not effect heterosexual marriages for some reason the Catholic Church is negatively effecting their ambitions. The Church has not been an impediment to some of the most notorious criminal figures in history even while they remained nominal members, baptizing their children in the morning and killing a man later that same afternoon. Why do homosexuals then need such recognition from the Catholic Church? Why when you do not agree with the Church’s position on homosexuality, which is God’s position for the Church does not have it’s own doctrine on homosexuality like all Christians they derive it from the authority of the Holy Spirit in sacred scripture, why must homosexuals force the Church to recognize them and further why do they even believe that the Church can? The Bishops are simply following what came before them; the Word of God? It is incidents like this that homosexuals have to perceived as psychiatrically ill.

The fundamental truth concerning the courts is that if they cannot perceive the necessity and validity of maintaining that heterosexuals in marriage are psychological more advanced than homosexuals they invalidate themselves as bodies of true wisdom and sound thought. Water is wet for everyone, those would like to petition the courts other wise can only be successful if the courts themselves are no wiser than the administrators of British Petroleum and AIG.

Catholics Defend French Cathedral de Lyon During Homosexual 'Kiss-In' - International - Catholic Online

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