Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dear Abby…

Abby Sunderland the American sixteen year old girl whose family must be of course long time sea voyagers tried to sail around the world alone. Previously, it would appear to many to be a preposterous assumption except for the fact that Jessica Winters an Australian Abby’s age has already done it before she reached the age of seventeen.

Clearly this can be perceived as a matter of American hegemonic egoism however and that would be correct but there is another not entirely different perspective to take away from Abby Sunderland’s attempt.

The idea that one can put a girl on the ocean without any hope of prayer. What of God, what of the gods of ancient Greek and Norse lore, were they consulted? Recently a remake of the cult classic “Clash of the Titans” was in theaters. It reminded many secularist today that man used to be ruled by gods and overcoming this oppression is the only way towards salvation. Thus this father was comfortable with the idea that as long as his daughter was in satellite contact she was okay.

What then of victor Jessica Winters, what then of the Australians. American and Australia share a similar history, they were penal colonies at least some Australians perceive that notion.American children were taught that the Pilgrims came to America in search of religious freedom and there were many of low repute amongst them. As in all defeats and here Abby Sunderland represents the nation if not factually at least representatively, one has to beg the question: what does the victor have that we do not?

The truth seems to be all that can not be spoken here in America. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but nothing of the truth. The record of an entire legal trial in America is vetted and choreographed with bits or chunks of the case omitted not merely from the case but by the political and psychological and spiritual reality outside of its four walls which bring into question the sanity not merely the legitimacy of the entire procedure. In New York the words “In God We Trust” is still bolted to many court room walls and for good reason. When in the course of sentencing harden criminals to a life behind bars someone’s authority above that of man must be present for no one has a care about the rituals and ceremonies of a lynching.

In New York City for instance the request by the Catholic League to the Empire State Building to honor the colors of the Virgin Mary, blue and white which Mother Teresa honored this August 26 atop the ESB was denied.

Why would Mother Teresa be denied other than the values she espoused were contrary to those of Anthony Malkin the building owner? She was not denied on secular grounds as she was a Noble prize winner, not even on the grounds that she was Catholic. Were that the case some one could argue that even in service to God and the Church during the course of her life Catholic or otherwise as a person she made admiral accomplishments. It certainly in this day and age no testimony to sexism or xenophobia. It has to be therefore because of the values she espoused devotion to the Holy Mother and her personal devotion to the “poorest of the poor”. Certainly if Mr. Malkin held her dedication in esteem he would have no problem with the request. Fundamentally it is the irony of many evils found in humanity, when many see none in the other. Such is the case in abortion, Terri Schivo and others seen as worthless.

This departure from what many Catholics may have felt deviated from a historical appreciation and general acceptance in New York City came to a crashing halt in declining the Catholic Leagues request. Yet, for some time charity has not prevailed in New York City for Catholics and historically it never has. We were fooled into believing so because many of us believed the entire city had reminisced of Christmas tree smells, silver bells and had sugar dumplings dancing in their heads around Christmas. Or that they enjoyed the peaceful abode of a local parish or Cathedral as they came in from a rain soaked city street. Or perhaps were familiar with the slight embarrassment of getting all dressed in those shiny, silky clothes for Easter which made one stand out, that set you apart from the others that day. Slowly but surely Christmas, Easter all revoked from Christianity and especially the Catholics. There is no need to say Merry Christmas in the department store because not everyone is Christian or because it was originally a Pagan practice and nevertheless what is Christmas other than a pleasant convention to purchase goods and talk sentimentally about loving others in a spiritual and not necessarily religious way?

We believed they would treat us like the original godfather, they like all loyal subjects would come and kiss our ring. After all so much of what it means to be Catholic today lies in the past. However they are not loyal subjects of the Pope nor very often for that matter are many Catholics. Yet this separation of Church and private interest was a wake up call for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Here in New York City we have identified our respective corners and feign no shame in espousing our disdain for Catholics. The equally resentful disdain for Muslims and Jews are only curtailed through politics and other necessities but that facade is crumbling as well. America today is anti-religious which the Protestant themselves espouse, all that is needed is a personal relationship with God. Religious freedom which is the freedom to openly profess ones religion and still be respected as a fellow citizen be damned. The central question of gay marriage proposal lead by the openly gay U.S Congressman Barney Frank was “How would a gay couple effect anyone’s life?. The very ignorance of how demonstrates the error of the homosexual mentality, that we all live separately in a Ganymede tower denying the fact that indeed we are all interdependent.The very proposition alone suggesting we unravel the tissue of society, Holy matrimony, has done exactly that. The rootless mind of the proud will in no time determine heterosexuals to be their inferiors, as stupid, when all along this perception that they share that “this” is like “that” when nothing further could be true changes the values in addition to the variables of the equation and they fail to function. The truth being that two men do not make one whole, no man is sexually attracted to another unless he idolizes himself in the other and as such is considered a psychometric invert, psycho metrics because mans mental energy can be measured. While a man’s mental energy can be plowed into the body of a woman who is meant to have a gravitational pull on mans mental energy, garnering her the unflattering homage as the “ol’ ball and chain”. Two men will merely fly away lost in sentiment and conceit.

Taken a step further all that a secularist demands is the freedom to do what they want to do.They do not need God and or religion. All they need is reason and desire, man, money and material and they can build a paradise on Earth. Rather one could perceive this change in State through Catholic eyes as the end of the world as we know it and maybe not “…feel fine” about it but with fear and trembling working our way to accept it. There is no fear of hell for these people and there was none for Abby Sunderland.

Many Americans are lost at sea in much the same way as Abby Sunderland. Especially the “collapsed Catholic” or rather the Catholic insurgents. Those who have lost the faith have been the most virulent opponents of the Church today. They are demons like pedophile Catholic priests and sensationalist seeking editors found at leading news agencies, working in tandem with the pedophiles to scandalized the Church and shaking away many of the unsteady from their hopes of eternal salvation. They have allied themselves with the atheist and the “Masonic” New World Order builders, who have planned a global secularist socialism future where everything will be great and no one will be restricted. It is a “Brave New World” and the Americans sent sixteen year old Abby Sunderland to prove it. Reminiscent of seventeenth century European royals who ruled nations by Abby’s age except most of them died in their thirties through murder or some currently curable disease.

Who would put their daughter at sea at sixteen years old? Who would ask of such a thing from their young teenage daughter? Abby Sunderland did not make it around the world this time she was rescued at sea by the Australian and French controlled Reunion Island naval forces, God bless her. Americans though are also in need of rescue but to whom will they turn? Public relations men on behalf of the Empire State Building said that if they honored Mother Teresa the ESB would be compelled to honor all the religions. The Church has grounds to ask for a clarification of this statement after ten years of war with radical Islamist whether a discernment can not yet be made between Catholicism and other religions. Perhaps this is too much to ask since the Bishops themselves are perceived as employees of the Vatican and the Pope. Such perception that would hold the current day Pope responsible for the Holy Inquisition and the Crusades would not admit to even original sin assigned by God in order to hold everyone to account. Should not a man of eighty not hold himself guilty for what he did when two years old? Is it not more reasonable that a man who would not atone for his own sins much more for those he has forgotten be held accountable for sins he himself has committed rather than to persecute a man and hold him responsible for historical epochs bulleted recently in a “memo” printed in a nation wide publication? Should the Pope be held accountable for activities that took place hundreds of years before he was even born? The animus for the Pope like that of Isrealy’s begs the question whether this unquenchable hatred has anything to do with the Pope Benedict XVI Joseph Ratzinger was a German national conscripted into the N.A.Z.I party and served as a soldier? Is there an unquenchable hatred amongst atheistic Semites for the German Pope?

At the same time this animus reveals that the devil knows Pope Benedict XVI is a formidable Pope, he is held accountable not merely for the one billion Catholics alive now but for the billions that have come before. The Pope is not Jesus Christ, certainly he would be the first one to tell anyone that. Pope Benedict XVI finished his eighth book before the Church child sex scandal was even over. The administration of one billion people is not enough the devil now wants him to atone for the billions that have come before him. Then tell him that he cant do it, it is impossible. The realm of unpardonable sins in which he lives precludes this simple proposition and yet it is the kernel of the Christian religion. Seeing the Pope atone for sins of his fellow priest he believes that he is petitioning him and if not he than whom? In a country like America where the first book put in print can not be read in our educational facilities how then can these same judge the Church? From where will they start when they know nothing of religion? Dear Abby, were you ever given a Bible to navigate your course over these seas?

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