Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fire rips through University Avenue church

Fire rips through University Avenue church

The film above is a report of a fire at a local church where there was scrawling of graphitti which said some pretty ugly things and it was suspected to be gang related. The link just above it is a report from Bronx 12 News which reported on the St. Nicholas of Tolentine fire. This fire was also said to be suspicious. However, the fire at St. Nicholas has not been labeled a hate crime which it probably should.

It cannot be stressed enough the sick and demented souls that really take up arms against Christians and Catholics are still around us. It is not Alabama 1955 in the rural south this time. No, it is the Bronx NY 2010.

Although these happened earlier this year, they needed to be posted side by side so that people can get a good idea of the general nature of evil that exists in this very liberal NYC area. No wonder Mother Teresa will not be honored in lights at the Empire States Building.

Yet, it cannot be ignored that Catholics in particular were not very welcomed in this town at first. Probably everyone is familiar with Leonardo Dicaprios “Gangs of New York” which gave a fairly good depiction of life in America for early Catholics. We have prevailed then and we will prevail now.

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