Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Catholic Bishop Luigi Padovese Assassinated in Southern Turkey - International - Catholic Online

Catholic Bishop Luigi Padovese Assassinated in Southern Turkey - International - Catholic Online

Gone but not forgotten is the Bishop of Turkey 2010062625bishop_pardovese_insiderecently murder by his driver who, for all supposed intent converted to Catholicism but in truth still served his master the devil. Bishop Luigi Padovese was murder by his driver after the driver learned that the faithful Bishop cancelled his trip to Cypress to meet with the Pope who issued his Instrumentum Laboris (Working documents http://www.apostolicvisitation.org/en/news/resources/InstrumentumLaboris.pdf) to the Churches of the Middle East.

Bishop Padovese was in fact the same Bishop who buried the recent victim of prejudice and Islamic hatred Fr Anrea Santoro whose death when he presided over in Trabozon Turkey. Fr Andrea Santoro, a Fidei Donum priest who was assinated in Trabzon Turkey in 2006.

This story was altogether ignored for the better part by CNN, Reuters,Associate Press and many of the other secular television media. It was posted as a single paragraph at best. Yet here was a Catholic Bishop killed by a Muslim extremist masquerading as a convert as he, Bishop Padovese did what he could to secure the safety of Pope Benedict XVI. Perhaps were the Bishop an American Citizen there might have been more coverage of it but even in that regard it is unlikely. The irony of much of the American life today is that many of the national enemies are Americans themselves much in the same way as a majority of the Church's worst enemies considered themselves either lapse Catholics or former Catholics who need to comfort their evil cynicism which is nothing more than the result of their total failure to comply with God’s decrees. Weakness in the flesh often leads to these dangerous quixotic crusaders to play out their tragic “my mommy took her breast from me too soon..”therapy sessions in public forums which no doubt they themselves have discovered to be worthless, good for nothing self loathing animus fit only to be slung out on the laps of their unsuspecting subscribers like a woman unpacking her heart on complete strangers the excrement of her own self deluded convultions.

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