Monday, June 28, 2010

What Sex Scandal?

Having lived in New York City all of my life, through the cold war, A.I.D.S epidemic the crack epidemic and having a relative who sold drugs in the South Bronx, living with relatives in an apartment who were on drugs I have an unsettled sense of contempt for what I would call "urban secular blasphemy" that an article like this pursues. The idea of this incident as being a back breaking straw upon the camel is contrary to the urban survival strategy many of us have honed over the years. As a New Yorker I could only tell you that if you believe this child sex scandal of the Catholic Church is the most evil thing that I have ever heard in a hierarchy of evil I would sooner submit that a writer like those at the New York Times be placed right above these pedophile priest, cover up Bishops or ebophile priests because the lie and liar are more evil.

Burning people in an oven, genocide in Rwanda, former Yugoslavia, the selling of children by their own parents into slavery and for sex, selling drugs to the young woman next door with three children to care for, turning ten year old boys into drug addicted mercenaries who kill men and rape women three times their own age. Roman soldiers whom most historian glorify who unwound with a nice young boy on their penis after a hard day of killing and crucifying non- Roman citizens.My list goes on and on and at the top of that list rest the lie.

When I first heard of the child sex scandal of the Catholic Church back in 2002, it really shook me up all the way to the point that I left the Church and went to a Baptist church. However, I have found that they were although very good not solid in doctrine in much the same way the United States and this article is ersatz. I returned to the Catholic Church based on a prophecy given to me by a woman there at the Baptist church. Yes, we Christians still adhere to prophets and prophetess and when you pursue the religious all of the mystery has to be taken into effect, that includes God, it cannot be exclude and discarded as rubbish as is the status quo in the secular world.

This new era that we live in is a new dark age because between the homosexuals and the pro-choice crowd there is a real attempt to preclude people from logical and conscious thought. For instance fighting against sonograms before an abortion takes place, not using DNA evidence to prove that the child and the mother are not the same person, why, aren't we constantly praising the advances science has offered us?

This scandal is only a scandal to those who hold a sentimental vision that (a) children are innocent and (b) the Catholic Church is a mere vision of purity and also innocence. When in fact although we can not settle when life begins and we kill 4000 babies in the womb we say upon birth up until the year of two (when they become terrible) that children are innocent. We say the same about people caught in a bomb blast in Iraq but we do not know anything about their lives or why all of sudden they are innocent, is it because they have nothing to do with their own demise? Children are not innocent, where that the case they would never smack their own mothers in the face at 2 years old. Children are young, not innocent, they are relatively harmless, not innocent. Innocence is not a property of nature, not at two, not at eighteen, not at ninety, plants are not innocent, they are plants. Those that died in the bomb blast can be a number of people, none are innocent. We just don't know what sins they may have. In Catholicism all are turned over to original sin in order that everyone may justified, God did that, not the Church, that is the religion. The only ones that are innocent was the Virgin Mary (The Immaculate Conception) and Jesus the Christ, who died for our sins as God and man, who was without sin and and the only one who could pay for our sins, thus absolving us of paying for them ourselves. So in effect, on a sentimental subconscious plane people are like teenagers spraying graffiti on a subway car, creating their own narrative and applying their narrative to Catholicism. All of these "poor children" and many were young teenagers, came home, that can not be said for the victims of abortion. So which is the greater evil? Which would you as a parent choose for your child? All of these "poor children" are now well compensated adults, where is your dead child? All these "poor children" are now fifty years old. So in effect if you are thirty or forty years old or more, there never was a time when this did not happen. Just because you lived like an ostrich with your head in the sand or because you never lived in a big city like Rome a thousand years ago or New York during the seventies and eighties or L.A. at any given time what am I to say to you and the reality of evil? Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus and there are vampires and werewolves too, perhaps now you are old enough to "hear" this.
What do I care how flabbergasted you are now? Even the victims of clerical sexual abuse knew more about reality at fourteen than your just discovering. Your naivete is contemptible, by NYC standards, we don't have time for you.
Should anyone care about how shocked you are? Who cares, as we say to jumpers in NYC during the seventies, jump! Child sex abuse, cigarette smoking is on this list but homosexuality and abortion are not? God forbid you smoke cigarettes!

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