Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ross Douthat:With Catholics Like These, Who Needs Democrats or Harvard Grads

200px-RossDouthat Ross Douthat does not merely claim to be a Catholic, he is also a Harvard graduate. Clearly, you can see what problems we face.  Yet, all our reason is supposed to be stymied because they tout the name Catholic or Harvard graduate.
Who needs an educational facility, that is one of the most expensive in the country but is for all intentions little more than an anti-American intellectual terrorist training camp inside the U.S.?  How can we accept Commanders and Chiefs from an institution that would prohibit the American military itself from recruiting on it's ground all the while Americans are putting their lives on the line to defend their presumptuous Ivy league lifestyle? How can we permit a Supreme Court Justice to sit on the bench from this very same school, who will insist that "Don't ask Don't tell" policy crafted under an administration that she herself served directly under as Solicitor General was "a moral injustice of the first order"?  How did homosexuality become the litmus test for morality? An institution that produces President Barrack Hussein Obama who believes that the Biblical admonishments against homosexuality are little more than "obscure references". Since when is St. Paul, author of almost one third of the new testament and Romans chapter 1, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 obscure? How can a Harvard trained attorney find a book obscure which literally numbered each and every sentence?  Did Barrack Hussein Obama draw these conclusions from America's "moral imagination?"  Is this what Harvard's twisted pseudo intellectualism amounts to, one thing in name and another in practice? Did I mention that Harvard educated Ross Douthat considers himself Catholic?
All the while we proclaim two plus two must equal five for the sake of equality or because their handlers in the Kremlin or Osama Bin Laden said that is their mission. All to often recently we discover that we live amongst spies and terrorist. We greet each other in the morning then set about our variant jobs in the day, one to be a nurse, another to be a lawyer and yet another to plant a bomb in middle of Times Square. Then we break for lunch at the local McDonald's. Of course the report from the neighbors is what a good and regular joe the local terrorist was,  the plotter and the terrorist. If Ross Douthat is a Catholic, how can you possibly blame the Catholics for anything? Ross Douthat, Elena Kagan and Barrack Hussein Obama, this is what Harvard is turning out, anti-Americans? Then we will ask, "Where did it all go wrong?".

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