Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Obama Moves away from 'Freedom of Religion' toward 'Freedom of Worship'? - U.S. - Catholic Online

Obama Moves away from 'Freedom of Religion' toward 'Freedom of Worship'? - U.s. - Catholic Online

“Every religious idea, every idea of God-even flirting with the idea of God—is unutterable vileness of the most dangerous kind, contagion of the most abominable kind. Millions of sins, filthy deeds, acts of violence, and physical contagion are far less dangerous than the subtle, spiritual idea of God.” Lenin wrote these words and was convinced by them. As Lutheran Pastor Richard Wurmbrand stated in his 1967 book Tortured for Christ, “The highest goal of man is to become Christ-like. To prevent this is the main aim of Communists. They are primarily anti-religious. they believe that after death man becomes salt and minerals, nothing else. They desire the whole life to be lived on the level of matter.”

We have come to the conclusion in the West that the Cold War is over because of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and the economic demise of the Soviet Union and because British Prime Minister at the time Margret Thatcher claimed it had ended. Certainly, communism failed as the one thing it was touted to be, an economic system. However, as a value system it persists. The atheist today lament the Inquisition a tribunal process that last over 700 years between 12th century and the 19th century. They also bring up the Crusades although America and much of the West is fighting Muslims at this time and the Muslims much like the Communist find that those with other religion (Communist would prefer nothing but communism) are incompatible with their ‘system’. Even recently, Soviet spies have been exposed although they were under surveillance for years.

Today, there are traits and tendencies in the world which do not openly declare themselves to be members of Communism but they are a social concupiscence, a unity between homosexuals, atheists and pro-choice parties that share these views very much like that of the communists. People that certainly seem to work in concert in a way that the average Catholic has not. Many Catholics do not even keep a internet network by which they can stay in contact with one another in their local parish. It is also worth mentioning the constant presure of the Muslims. Certainly, one of the main ideas that need to be given voice is that Catholicism as a religion has a cosmogony and theology. We think that indeed there is evil in the world and that that evil is orchestrated by a fallen angel, a spiritual power named Satan. How other explain it is not clear, how they explain evil.

In the Church sex scandal there has been an overshot of pedophilia itself to set scorn upon the Catholic Bishops. This actions are said to be crime, crime against the State. Ironically, the State is now like blasphemy charges in Islam which gets stained and offended and requires recompense. There are “hate crimes”, “war crimes” and the very concept of discrimination is considered a “crime”. Today, almost anyone can fall under the jurisdiction of the United States court system. The Church and the Vatican is called into these court systems whereas the Bishops are “employees” of the Vatican and the Pope, as if they work for the salary or pay. It is a speculation that all financial transactions can be formulated in terms of an employer/employee relation. Not to mention the idea that money can be used to justify bringing people to everlasting life in a place where money is worthless. To say that the Bishops are “employees” who work for money is to say that they are idolatrous like anyone who works strictly for money and are not merely given access to a line of financial support which everyone in society needs in order to live respectfully and independently. Although I may receive $1000.00 a week from my parents it does not imply that I am their employee. The States unwillingness to see relationships as independantly  as they are from that of the business model is a capitalist socialist interpretation which is much more a collaboration of political communism with economic capitalism, what I would call, the corporate capitalist canopy. Where all of the “little people” live in the roots and shadows of those multi-millionaires living on subsidiaries and stipends as if all were illegal immigrants, all working but invisibly with limited legal rights.

It certainly appears that in this “New World Order” there is no place for the Church which is much the way that the Communist perceived things. Therefore it seems that in fact that Communism and Capitalism have worked out their differences which was not all that much since the Capitalist were materialist who simply wanted the comfort of money and Communist were materialist who believed that all was mere matter as well but sought a fair distribution amongst the masses and had the State as the central planner. Islam on the other hand wanted Allah to be the center of this world but as we see in Dubai and Saudi Arabia the “Holy Land” of all Muslims no problem with the wealth of Capitalist and the central planning of the Communist. Only the Catholic Church the body of Christ interrupts all these plans because it says that the world is evil and that this current life must be sacrificed for the life to come.

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