Thursday, December 9, 2010

Keisha White:Choose Life

Keisha White I Choose life

I can't help thinking that Mrs. White made this video with children in mind. She is so beautiful in the video I always imagine that her 'boyfriend' in this video is posing as a closet gay. Well, his loss and I am sure that there are men lined up around the corner to take her, I will be one of them. The gorgeous and talented Mrs. White puts on a great performance and although I may be sued for reproducing it here with out permission I can't help but spread this message of 'Choose Life' for the cause of the Pro-Life movement. (Actually, I was just interested on having the beautiful Mrs. White on my blog site!) To tell you the truth she and other beautiful and talented people like her are the true inspiration for having and keeping the babies.

In fact it is a profound proposition that people are expendable in any way. To think of someone as a burden or disposable is really the height of evil itself. It makes more sense to take the time to meet someone and get married than to simply sleep with another equally irresponsible person and then discard the life of child.

I have known a few women who have had abortions and I can not say that they are eternally grieved by their decision but the reality of what is taking place is really no better than Auschwitz or falling prey to Stalin or any of the current political dictators that rule through death.

What we do in America is lie and say that they, the human fetus is not human. We have succeeded in doing that because we have said that the human being is an animal. How we managed that lie is hard to explain. We will say that a giraffe is an animal and thusly a human being is an animal. Then to explain the tremendous difference between man and animal we will say that man is a more intelligent animal. Yet, animals do not try to persuade men through language, which only man has perfected, they also do not lie, only man does that.

Although I feel for those who have no faith in God and subsequently believe that they are in a financial bind by having a child, there still is no justification for killing the human inside the womb and no amount of empathy for the woman is justified in legitimizing that action.

What we do with abortion and homosexuality is to reduce the human to chattel and mere extrinsic objects. It is funny that homosexuals who are terribly subjective themselves resort to a sexual behavior that is totally objectifying. That perhaps best sums up the homosexual disorder, self-subjective and objectifying the other. In fact, the homosexuals objected to being referred to as 'other' in the Manhattan Declaration, I suppose that we are to be one large 'self''. They actually object to everything in time.

Anyway, we can enjoy the wonderful video made by the beautiful Keisha White without going into all of this right now... but then again we have to address it, we do.

See Father Pavone at and lend him your support to end abortion.

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