Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DADT, Except If Your Gay Then It's Okay

Bradly Manning the intelligence officer who betrayed his country turns out like a lot of traitors to be a homosexual. Pfc. Manning was it turns out the solider responsible for delivering to Julius Assange the head of WikiLeaks the famous diplomatic cables so that he Julius could attack and destroy this country which he hates so much. There is so much proof in the pudding that the gays are dangerous to the country and that they are psychiatrically ill.

Yet just this week the kissing cousin of homosexuality, Narcissistic Personality Disorder was also rescinded from the Diagnostical Statistical Manuel of the American Psychiatric Association. Only those two, the two psychological profiles which would be vain enough to care if they were in there. Patients who are depressed, those with eating disorder will admit that they have a problem, homosexuals, Narcissist and sociopaths will not.

I hope that this last example of the dangers of homosexuals serving in the military will finally put to rest the long and distinguished career of the Secretary of Defense Gates, that man said that homosexuals serving in the military would do no harm and yet look at the harm that has already been committed. In fact the Florida pastor who wanted to burn one thousand Korans (in Florida) seemed to be a threat to the American military more than the traitors within it's ranks, now how is that?

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