Friday, December 17, 2010

Why The Church Comes Out Wining In The Pedophile Crisis

The Lord works in mysterious ways. It is only now that the Catholic Church can see the upside of the pedophile scandal. The pedophile scandal may have had two positive outcomes for the Church and humanity at large. One was that it brought pedophilia to the front burner long enough to know the evil that lives amongst and between us, now no one can say they don't know the sexual atrocities that take place daily, within and without the Church. Second, it threw the homosexuals out of the Church and placed them squarely where they have subsequently proven to have been all along, in league with Satan as anti-Christs.

The Church, unlike any other organization in the world has dealt with pedophilia amongst it's ranks. Can any other group make a similar claim? No, I don't think so. Where as the Church have run the homosexual and pedophile out of it's midst the government of the world have endorsed the homosexual and many a government like India and South Africa and South East Asian nations could care less about pedophilia. Those that insisted in taking a check for these crimes which were seen as morally reprehensible and unpardonable even by current law and the statute of limitations have forsaken their claim to white martyrdom before God. Although this crimes were seen as unforgivable, which is completely antithetical to very crux of the Christian faith a six figure check seemed to have assuaged their distress. Presumably it will be spent on the psychiatrist and therapist. The very same ones that now tell us that homosexuality is perfectly alright.

First of all let's be clear, homosexuality and pedophilia are exactly the same in two respects, they are both sexual abuse both physically (a penis has no biological need to be in an anus of another man or in his mouth, ask Darwin) and abuse psychologically (it doesn't matter if the victim has become emotionally desensitized to it, the psychological fantasy here is not one of dominance over a submissive but one of abuse and objectification, in terms of pedophilia it is simply to the extreme where the proud can act out a god complex over their infant or juvenile victim) and they are both given sanction by a public that would rather look the other way or endorse it than to be found in contradiction to their peers. Pride like the pride parade homosexuals have every year is a demonstration of low self esteem, pride is an inflationary sense of ones self worth which is done to deny the vanity and vacuity they feel which is all any one can feel with they are sodomized and degraded as a human receptacle for someone else's satisfaction. Additionaly, the sad fact of the matter is that the longer one engages in this deviant behavior the more difficult it will be to break away from it. Even slaves under long tenures of subjugation have difficulty venturing out on their own, freedom is often damning to them so long have the been mentally and morally infantilezed, having never assumed responsibility for themselves. In fact, the positivistic and and objectified (truly schizophrenic) homosexual is at a loss despite his deep seated subjectivism to find anything of himself he can call 'self'. He is alien to his own identity, only finding a visage of himself as he is reflected in the eyes of others, which is why he compels all others to render to him a report of their perception only what is good and positive, their honest assessment of him if they deem him vulgar and unseemly he denounces as hate and intolerance. Hate, an emotion we all have, created in the image of God as He Himself hated, "Jacob I loved, Esau, I hated" (Romans 9:13) is an attribute of man as discrimination is one of man's intellectual faculties of which he need not deprive himself in order to appear politically correct. Anger, jealous, envy are supposedly all done away with in this 'evolved' man. The homosexual has somehow ejected them from his heart and soul, he is more pure than the heterosexual. So now we have a policing of our honest emotions, we must not be found in possession of hate, so there is now hate crimes. When you hit your fellow man in the head with a bat that is one thing but when you curse him with a racial slur while doing so that is altogether another, as if the striking of a man with a bat is not evidence enough of his vexation and for the words he used (currently only derogatory racial expressions) the attacker gets an additional ten years for this. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will keep me in the slammer longer. Of course we know the reason for this policy, we are expected to all come together regardless of race to be good human drones for our New World masters. Racial distinction, they won't hear of it, all together we are slaves. Although it would appear that the psychologically immature homosexual does not know of these emotions or rather he lies and claims that it is the Catholic that propagates hate, Jesus who preached (and is the only one to have done so in religion besides God in the Old Testament) 'love thy neighbor' has followers who are the very antithesis of their founder. It is the Catholic who is with out virtue on account that as a true Catholic he rejects the homosexual as the charlatan and opportunist that he is, he says that the homosexual is selfish and will not deny himself, no, not for the the larger society and no not for the kingdom of heaven, he does not have to heed God, God is unimportant to him and so is everybody else and this negative perception of the homosexual is unacceptable to him. Is gay marriage not hatred for society at large? Is it not a repudiation of ones family line for man to marry man? Does not homosexuality proclaim a disdain for the opposite sex, is he not repulsed by women as a matter of pride because indeed she is psychologically and emotionally superior to man in many respects? Will she not feed him lessons of humility in his first encounters? Does she not weigh him down, the 'ol ball and chain' of reality and responsibility that she imparts in his life? Yet, he is supported by liberals, liberal and false Catholics and various heterosexuals, why? Is he not tearing at the the very social fabric of their society when he attacks society in this way? What is the great comfort of the homosexual to these people? Often I believe it is simply to get the issue over with, to stop the aggravation that they feel whenever they have to deal with this problem. No one wants to be seen as the ogre or lose the comfort and camaraderie of the crowd and the homosexual makes it clear to them that they will have a fight on their hands if these people seeking their comfort do not bend to his wishes, they will be alienated, ostracized, uninvited to the best social occasions. Some of them have their own antagonistic motivation, they want to be evil, they want to 'stick it to authority' they are the same as he, just not explicitly sexual inverts, rather they are anti-authoritarian and equally selfish answering only to their desires and intentions and yes, they are proud as well. The very concept of giving up the self for the larger body has been lost almost entirely in this new world, case in point the elimination of the draft. This is one of the great evils of society and democracy, that very few people are willing to risk their stature and social ties in the community and tend to follow along where ever the current tides take them rather than to swim against the currents of public opinion and denounce a behavior as morally reprehensible. It takes a village to rape a child and it takes a village to endorse emotional illness as the new norm as well.

Thomas Jefferson's imaginary 'wall of separation' doesn't just exist between Church and State, it is applied throughout almost every facet of our current human relations now in the United States. When the claim is made that neighbors and associates do not care about the sexual behavior of their colleagues what they mean to say is that they simply do not care about the welfare of that person at all, except as far as it concerns their own safety and well being. We see this every day in a city full of people that briskly walk by the schizophrenic talking to themselves in the street or the the homeless person whose stench is nauseating and has no shoes on his feet in the local subway. We seen this when alcoholics literally littered the Bowery in New York City, most ignored them and stepped over them on their way to work. We see this in dance halls where people are so high they are passed out on the floor and we witness this circumspect consciousness when the popular musician sing songs of loneliness and alienation only to read in the papers one day that he has committed suicide. The problem with emotional illness isn't those of us who are hearing voices, the scourge of emotional illness is those of us who claim they don't. By legitimizing homosexuals we are claiming that we do not hear the voices of those in psychological distress. That is nothing less than a convenient conscious alleviating lie. If those that are well simply support and endorse the illness of those that are ill, emotional illness will only permeate healthy society to the point where emotional health will be completely impossible to discern.

Homosexuality is evil, and I do mean evil, as we are all unclean in some respect not mere victims. As in a Shakespearean tragedy and in accordance with the Japanese perception of emotional illness the fault lies in the character of the person, not necessary throughout society. Pride, is not an admirable character trait and for those unwilling to be humble and recognize God it is now all too clear. These are the anti-Christ that long to be a dominant group over the lives of millions of people in America and abroad. The lies given on behalf of homosexual social equality is merely the falsely postulated moral cause of the day. Many and unimaginably disingenuous arguments are made equating their condition with that of the African-American and yet at the time pride was seen as the sin of the African that lead him down low into slavery, however pride today is seen as acceptable, millions of heterosexuals see the 'equality' of homosexuality as the cause celebre of their generation, the third part in a now anticipated trilogy of civil rights and liberty and the only injustice they see comes from God and His anachronistic Church. The 'virtue of religion' as stated by St. Thomas Aquinas is to render to God the 'worship that is due to him as the source of all being and the principle of all government of things.' Yes, 'Render unto Caesar's what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's. (Matt 22:21) Yes, plainly man needs render the glory, worship and adoration to God because He is all deserving of it as the creator of all things. When we believe that we can govern and sustain ourselves without giving God his due we fail and the irony of the matter is that the endorsement of homosexuality which ought to be clear evidence of the damning deviant path we have embarked upon as we move further away from God has instead been viewed as 'progress', men marrying men we see as progress, nothing could be further from the truth.

In a book by Ralph McInerny published in 2001 entitled "The Defamation of Pius XII" he not only writes about all that Pope Pius XII has done to help Jews during Hitler's eugenics program of racial purity, which he picked up by the racist Americans who started that evil pseudo science. He also mentions what one of the philosophical and immoral basis for which the Pope and the Church objected to the treatment of the Jews fell under, in a sense of current familiarity, it was how the NAZI program was against natural law.

As is true that Hitler was born into a Catholic household and perhaps like "Catholics for Equality", considered himself to be Catholic. He did not follow any of the Catholic teachings, after all, Mother Teresa, St. Therese of Liseiux and John Paul II were Catholic also, which of these could we say has done the will of the Father? The Nazis were however endorsed and practiced euthanasia, for which the Catholic Church deemed against natural law. Homosexuality, the Church states, are also acting against natural law. Which of the two have more in common with Adolph Hitler, the Catholic Church or the homosexuals?

The homosexuals are a threat to the security of this nation and it is odd that the federal government would want to repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', which is a none sense compromise created by President Clinton. Yet again many Americans stop trusting the government before the 9/11 bombing and it is only in a war no one but President Bush wanted that we are supposed to share any fidelity to this country. Now, with the homosexuals taken as a legitimate class in society many of us that distrusted the country in the first place have no reason to show allegiance to it at all. In fact, homosexuals should not be allowed to join the military at all seeing how they have a mental disability. It is interesting to note that in this decade Pluto was determined by Astronomers to not be a credible plant, well, what ever that notation and reclassification means to them it change not one thing about Pluto in reality. Pluto is continuing to do what Pluto has been doing since the dinosaurs walked the earth. The change in classification in the Diagnostic Statistical Manuel in 1973 has essentially the same non effect in reality, what is an emotional and cognitive disorder amongst homosexuals continue to be so whether or not they are classified as disabled or not. In fact the larger part of the problem is that there was no reason given for their diagnosis to be removed in the first place. It would have to be surmised that Dr. Robert Spitzer and his crew must have believed that the men who categorized them as ill in the first place must have had a non scientific reason for doing so. There is this extrapolation of Darwinism that says not only that animals evolve over time but the scientific philosophies of man does as well and for some unproven reason the reasoning of men of the past is to be discounted. Apparently we are not at the threshold now where water is no longer wet and two plus two no longer equals four but presumably we'll get there. This was effectively what I call the reality crisis in America and Europe (which is why we are in such a stark recession) or a psychiatric reformation where books and diagnosis can simply be removed upon a secure number of votes whether or not there is valid grounds for doing so.

The American Psychiatric Association state that there are two criteria for assessing that a man has a psychiatric disorder and in fact the two are ironically and uniquely insufficient. One is that the man is personally suffering harm and the second is if he is some how socially impaired because of his condition. Of course, immediately one can point to Jeffery Dalhmer, the BTK killer, Ted Bundy, H.H. Holmes and Charles Manson amongst other sociopaths for who these criteria make no difference. Of course, perhaps they are correct in their assessment that these men are not psychiatric patients but are intrinsically evil, the cockle of the field, unfortunately since mere secular scientist can not address such a reality they are forced to categorize them as abnormal from a psychological point of view but the fact remains that there are many evil people who cannot be said to be suffering or socially impaired, they are simply evil. Yet, were they to do that they would have still failed to put homosexuals in that group, although it is true. 'What can not be proven, simply does not exist', is the sworn philosophy of modern science. There is a reliance like that of spoiled children that what is undesired can wistfully be willed out of concern and reality ignored. The United States will see the destruction that the homosexuals will heap on them and they will deserve it. They are so easy to ameliorate their values and consciences in order to save their own lives of comfort and luxury. Just like Eve in the garden of Eden they have decided that they will judge what is good and evil, they will be like God and dismiss God from the heavens.

Recently the European Court of Human Rights (whatever that means) has adjudicated that Ireland can not place a ban on abortions because it infringes on the rights of women. Similarly, it was not the British themselves in the 1990's who decided that they should integrate and accept homosexuals into the military but this same court. Why do these sovereign government submit to some international court allowing foreigners to dictate to them the civil rights of their citizens even though those presumed rights are contrary to their cultural and moral values? Why do they give room for some alien entity to set the agenda in their country? We certainly need court reform, we need to move away from a method where although there is a congress and a democracy, the law of the land is being determined by the courts. The evil homosexual is having his way because although they are a minority they are using the courts to set their agenda, the agenda is less people and population control so that the living adults can live more comfortably and lavishly. That admittedly is my best estimation, that is what we have in Planned Parenthood which is the off shoot of the eugenicist that inspired Hitler. That is the way of Lucifer and his disciples.

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