Tuesday, October 19, 2010

GLAA Forum: U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips suspends DADT

“To comply with the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Act, Doe must keep hisU.S. District Court Judge Virginia Phillips sexual orientation a secret from his coworkers, his unit, and his military superiors,and he may not communicate the core of his emotions and identity to others in the same manner as heterosexual members of the military, on pain of
discharge from the Army. (Doc. No. 212 ["July 6, 2010, Order"] at 16; Trial Ex. 38.) “


No one is asked to 'comply' with don't ask don't tell, simply 'don't ask, don't tell'. Meaning the government will not ask you about your sexuality and the soldier will not reveal it. Besides how many men can communicate the core of their identity with other men and in what situation will that be done? Are you asking your fellow G.I.'s to play the role of therapist? Will homosexuals have a problem keeping State secrets as well? Further, the homosexual is perpetrating a fraud by joining in the first place when in fact they know the military's policy barring homosexuals, just as the Church has done. The military cannot afford emotionally disturbed individuals who jeopardize their security and mission objectives. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is not the policy it's the technique, homosexuals are excluded from the military is the policy. DADT is a lot like illegal immigration and should be dealt with in the same way. Don't Ask, Don't Tell or invoke the draft and Do Ask and bar, so that war and warmongering could not go on for ten years as it has in the middle east.

This and the Judge Walker case where the plaintiff also had vague reasons for wanting to be married to his partner which was an emotional release is indicative of the desire to merge with another of the same sex which is a psychological misgiving. The gay question of equality is almost entirely emotionally driven. When we think of the psycohological hinderences that we have frankly over looked in the past, depression as a matter of Prozac sales, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in soldiers which was ignored for years and many others we are only now using the the law to further an emotionally distrubed group who will not claim to be so because of the allaince between the state and the homosexual community, as long as they are willing to work the state is willing to concede their psychological health as a qualification to do so regardless of their true emotional health.

Homosexuals need to get closer to God and not each other. It was David who comforted King Saul with psalms when the King suffered is debilitating depression. "So whensoever the evil spirit from the Lord was upon Saul, David took his harp, and played with his hand, and Saul was refreshed, and was better, and the evil spirit departed from him." 1Kings 16:23

GLAA Forum: U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips suspends DADT

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