Thursday, June 30, 2011

Subtraction through Addition:'Gay-Marriage" in the Age of A.I.D.S

The decision by the New York State Senate has been the death kneel to not only the State of New York but to the country at large because it reveals the depth of concern that exist amongst the wealthiest people in this state and probably throughout the country. The new 'law' reflects the monetary idolatry and the absolute dedication to friends and family members that trumps any fidelity to God and doing the right thing.

The notion that the wealthy can purchase the state's honor to suit their gay son's and girlfriend's gay brother's has been taken as a sign that indeed the majority of people at the top are no good. That the unbridled lust for pleasing one another has taken preeminent place in the lives of the rich and influential. 

What also cannot be debated is the reality that we have no free press in this State and if not here, then where? Mike Lupica of the Daily News lambasted Archbishop Timothy Dolan and former N.Y. Giant David Tyree for their position on 'gay-marriage'. These are two men that have nothing in common except their Christian faith, their opposition to 'gay-marriage' and happen to be two very accomplished men in their respective fields. One is Irish, the other African-American, one is Catholic the other Protestant, one is a priest and the other a professional athlete and both have served this city faithfully bringing nothing but gain and victory to the city of New York. Yet, both were insulted as stupid for not being born in New York City, both were considered hateful back watered bigots because they professed their belief that marriage is as God assigned it between one man and one woman. Mike Lupica though sided not with God and the Archbishop and the Super Bowl hero but with his gay neighbor whom he claims have been in a monogamous relationship with another man for thirteen years and this man was worth throwing all three, God and the two faithful men following Christ under the bus.

There is with Mike Lupica and other people like him the persistent lie unworthy to even be called self-delusion, that gay men in sexually monogamous relationships, as if that can be honestly ascertained even amongst married men, is decent for some reason. That if gay's get married they will be as 'decent' and reputable as a true married couple in a Catholic sacramental marriage. There is the pollution of lies that 'gay-marriage' has something to do with civil rights, equality or for that matter homosexuals. Gay marriage has nothing to do with gays any more than prohibition had to do with alcoholics or slavery had to do with the Civil War as a moral issue. 'Gay-marriage' has to do with the dissolution of marriage in America. In order to accomplish these things the secondary groups are always called to arms like the poor proletariats, marshalled against the royals in communist revolutions. First it is the African-Americans, then the woman and now the gays. To which although civil rights was a justifiable crusade for the African-Americans and emancipation from slavery, the rich made sure they got their hands in the till with one of their greatest manipulations, the recognition of their corporations as a 'person', a right that not even human beings have yet to aquire in the United States. Of course this was  all accomplished on the back of the fourteenth ammendment written to give African-Americans legal protections. The same equal protection clause is used today by the gays surmounted by the lie that they constitute a 'people' and is promulgated throughout the fifty states and the world. As for all the woman who were running to be in the corporate work place more people are aware of Kim Kardashian than Meg Whitman or even Ellen Kullmen of Dupont or Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo.  With legalized pornography it can be assumed that the new generation of young women will probably get into politics the same way ex-porn star Ginger Lee did by getting perverse 'tweets' from a lying Congressman.  I had better write and publish this quick because soon as in Canada it will be considered 'hate speech' yet the vile things that people like Mike Lupica and other opinoinist have made agaisnt the Catholic Church and Christian who value a decent country will not.

It is interesting and sad to note that 'gay-marriage' has been championed by two unmarried men in New York State, Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo. Both of these men are divorcees who probably couldn't care less what happens to the state of New York in regards to the sanctity of marriage since theirs ended in failure. Neither of these men have attempted to remarry again and so the implications that they have anything to add to the conversation on marriage was a moot point from the beginning.

Most of the men involved in this were in compromising relationships with women. Both Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo merely have girlfriends, not wives and in the Governor's case he beds with a woman, Sandra Lee whose brother is openly gay. Democratic assemblyman Carl Kruger who voted for the bill this time around lives with a woman Dorthy Turano, who has a gay nephew. Men like this got pestered and petitioned from their pillows to pavement and simply could not stand up to the people in their lives, no matter how illegitimate, in order to do the right thing for the state of New York. Many people would like to congratulate Governor Cuomo on his leadership getting this bill passed but leading drunkards to the bar for happy hour isn't leadership, leading drunkards away from the bar during happy hour is leadership. That is what Christ has done for so many people in their lives till this day.

Senator's Addabbo and Alesi were something like the absentee dad that is present in the home. Leaving others to dictate their positions. Senator Grisanti was simply a traitor to the people who actually elected him into office. Roy McDonald and Steve Saland seemed to be men who acted out of no real convictions on the issue. It brings to mind the quality of weakness necessary to be a politician which we saw in Congressman Anthony Wiener and the South Carolina governor Mark Sanford who left his wife and his job as governor to have an adulterous affair with another woman in Argentina, was it Eva Perone? No, the lady in question was merely Argentinian journalist Maria BelĂ©n Chapur.  Had this sitting governor been abducted by terrorist would the United States have sent special forces in order to retrieve him, I hope not. We saw it in Congresswoman Gifford, God bless her speedy recovery but she demonstrated what I can only describe as an immature notion that one can simply stand on a street corner and preach politics without a security detail.  As a Congresswoman, she was making decisions for this country regarding national defense and yet she proved conspicuously nonchalant when it came to her own.

As for me, my position against homosexuals hasn't changed but if it were at all possible has hardened against them and those people to who 'don't have a problem with those people'. The psychiatric mess that they are more than willing to have children grow up in, the animosity that these people both homosexuals and their supporters have casted against God with this vote not to mention the campaign of lies and the collusion of media forces including, The New York Times, The Daily News, NBC,  and many others (with the notable exception of 1010 WINS which is still the best news source in New York to which I give a hearty applause for not only unbiased journalism but also for their willingness to air religious centered advertisement calling men back to prayer) is indicative that the parable of the tenants is alive and true for us Catholics now as when Jesus first mentioned it two thousand years ago. This vote was a statement that the truth can be ignored and the country will follow any course dictated to it by the rich. It was a vote that said that men would rather solve for comfort rather than be alienated from their girl friends and do what is right. It was a pusillanimous decree that the men in New York love money and luxury rather than the one true God. It was a vote that had to take place if only to identify the idolaters and the faithless.

Overall I have to admit that I do not live in a free country. There is no such thing as freedom of the press when someone owns the newspaper. That indeed 'the rich are different..." they are evil and despise God. Their role in these anti-religious campaigns also include their war on Islam over seas. To which I cannot imagine how the troops will take it when they return from Afghanistan and find that what they have been fighting for has been to live in total debauchery and dishonor. I have never been embarrassed to live in New York until that vote. New York State and NYC is in a state of irredeemable disgrace. May God have mercy on our souls.

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