Thursday, July 28, 2011

Celebacy In The (Priest)Hood

In retrospect I think that the Church has handled the 'sex abuse crisis' very well. Pedophilia is a cultural and behavioral sexual reality which would be amongst human society with or without the Church. It is appalling and disgraceful the way people absolve themselves from the responsibility of contending with prepubescent sexual desires of their own families but wish by the same token to pile up this opprobrium upon the Church. The Church alone treated pedophilia as a psychiatric problem the same as homosexuality, affective disorders and eating disorders because in fact like those other disorders prison sentences will do nothing to change them.  Yet the vanity of man is that he doesn't have these disorders and the less the modern state admits to these disorders the healthier it can claim to be. Look at Emmerich Weissenberger hanging outside St. Stephen's Cathedral, is he well? Isn't it convenient to claim him as so. Further, take places for instances where same sex marriage is permitted,  they are actually one step closer to the  legalization of pedophilia. The same case that they sued and harangued the Church over for more than two and one half billion dollars.  In N.Y. (U.S.A)for example,  a fifty year old man can now marry a seventeen year old boy, sixteen with parental consent, given ten years the age of marital consent will be reduced to fourteen and one half. These sexual predilections we are suppose to believe exist in the Catholic parishes of Germany but not in Germany itself, they exist in the Catholic seminaries of Ireland but not amongst the Irish people themselves. The Church maintains a collegial atmosphere much like a university or the military. Their is a hierarchy but not one based on sexual obligations. It doesn't have a sexual culture any more than it has a culinary culture. By the time one attends university they are expected to handle their drink if they are going to drink at all, deal with their sexual desires and inclinations and know how to feed themselves. A student can rely on his instructors for lessons in history, not on what he should do with that drunken naked girl (or boy)in his dorm room, or how to prepare spaghetti and meatballs for dinner because he's hungry.
Those are things taught at home and learned in one's hometown. It is these behaviors that priest bring with them from home and some of them are not so hygienic. Priest are not flown out from the Vatican in a pod and hatched in the parish, they are drawn from the surrounding communities. If people are not practicing pedophilia at home they won't be practicing them in a Catholic seminary. Summarily then, celibacy has nothing to do with pedophilia, it is not that a priest, or for that matter any man is so bound up with sexual tension that he has sex with a the next available sphincter muscles he can grab hold of, that makes no sense. A man who is sexually tense and left alone in the woods will not automatically start having sex with rabbits. No, a man who is not a pedophile is not going to start behaving as one because he has not slept with a woman. The ordination of women is wrong because the priesthood is formed in the iconography of Jesus who was a man. At this very time we are failing to accept the physical and the transcendent meta-physical reality that we are as God created us, physically. Today a sex change is since applicable at any time. Akin to breast implants or 'tummy tucks'. Where is the operation that will make a weakling an international famous football player? Does that operation exist? We have come to believe that sex is nothing more than a cosmetic adaptation which we can change. It is not. Men and women are fundamentally and specifically have chromosomal differences. We must first accept who we are as physical creatures. No, not everyone is physically qualified to play on a professional sports team, and no, woman are not men and thus cannot be priest. (Many of these same women refuse even so to be nuns,why? Is that not pride?) Albeit, maybe the Church should not take too many young boys into the seminary at a young age but how is this any different than boarding schools? While with the 'gays' we claim their behaviour to be beautiful and wonderful, when those taste stray under the age of puberty we say it is a crime but the pedophiles themselves claim that it is discrimination on the basis of age, just ask them, they have a website, NAMBLA.ORG., what next? When does man start to carry his cross like Jesus and admit that the sins which he commits are his alone? We have these people who even want to refer to God as 'she', so the prayer taught by our Lord is entirely dismissed by them. No, all of these people are anti-Christ. We know already what to expect from the Germans, German neo-paganism.

It is also interesting to note how many people like the homosexuals feel that they are 'evolved' and advanced and yet also shun the idea of celibacy. When in fact celibacy is thought to be the more advanced state of human beings. Since these type of people endorse something that they consider to be 'spiritual' at times but then do not elaborate any further on the subject there is only wonder as to why at a time when there are pervasive sexually transmitted diseases celibacy is shunned.
Celibacy is not just something for priest but many of us as Catholics and non-Catholics should also consider it's application in our lives. Instead of celibacy laws are passed to permit abortion and we are told that there is a Malthusian population problem where according to population projection there wont be enough food for everyone therefore contraception is highly valuable and respectable. Clearly astonishing are those claiming the celibacy is the cause of pedophilia and should be done away with in lieu of marital sex. Even though you've had pedophilia during pagan Rome where orgies were part of the norm, meaning there was no sexual deprivation at all. The psychiatric prescription adapted in the thirties and forties with 'scientist' like Freud was the idea that it was the inhibitors themselves that should be done away with and in part this mode of problem solving evolved with the notion that the goal to health was total personal satisfaction. One should solve for comfort, their own personal comfort rather than see themselves as part of a larger whole, a larger society and restrain or sublimate particular impulses in order to serve the greater community.

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