Friday, March 2, 2012

A Man and his Bitch! The future of America.

At last many Catholics simply have to attest to their faith that indeed this world is in the hands of the devil. For example, when we are discussing the absurdity of 'gay-marriage' it is not merely a rational argument because in fact it is not a rational argument at all. Now that eight states in the United States has 'gay-marriages' legalized and most of Canada and Mexico, we can now turn our attention to what the devil will defile his servants with next, namely pedophilia and ... wait for it, zoophilia.

Brian Cutteridge
Brian Cutteridge in Vancover British Columbia, aka Canada was recently arrested for having sex with his dogs. This is a behavior which he feels is quite normal and believes that those who want to sleep with animals are being unduly oppressed by the neaderthals around him, have no doubt that he is not alone in this. Therefore, when Catholics compare 'gay-marriage' to a man marrying his dog, we no longer have to submit to the groans of the flabbergasted and those who claim it proposterous analogy. It is proven here to be in fact a reality.

Dr. Ted Kaczynski
Mr. Cutteridge espouses (no pun intended) some of the same reasoning that the homosexuals do in favor of 'gay-marriage' the idea that a man has a basic human right to have sex with his dogs. He even wrote a sort of treatsie or essay on the subject expounding why the United States government and Canada are wrong to make zoophilia or bestility illegal. Here it is actually really tricky ground now that same sex marriage is legal in eight states and President Obama refuses to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act. It is also worth noting the similarity between the conscious deliberation applied to such abohorent behavior which is very similar to pedophiles but even much more akin to the master mind killer in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik on July 22, 2011. He too wrote a manifesto of sorts which was completely coherent, here is Cuteridge's, . The Unabomber, Dr. Ted Kaczyniski, also had a manifesto, The Unabomber's Manifesto . Although beyond that the two really had nothing in common. The other man to have taken drastic and violent action was Anders Behring Brevick, and he too had a manifestio. 2083:A European Declaration of Independance.
Anders Behring Brevick

At first glance it may seem that Mr. Cutteridge is in a class by himself, as in fact to the best of our knowledge, he is not a murderer. However, it is the application of reason that is striking. All of these men are intelligent and even highly educated by the world's standards and yet they are all morally reprehensible. This goes to the heart of the notion that education, a secular education,  is alone all that is needed. Of course it seems that both Mr. Cutteridge and Mr. Brevick consider themselves Christians. This brings to mind the controversy over the presidents self-proclaimed adherence to the Christian faith.  Yet we see, their claims not withstanding, that these men are in no way practicing the faith and desperately, desperatly need to. Now each one one us here in the U.S. is being held captive by the false notions of emotional health maintained by the American Psychiatric Association(A.P.A) which removed homosexuality and narcissistic personality disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Psychiatric Disorders (DSM). How can the state permit 'gay-marriages' or marriages period since it has no supernatural office. How can the state justify permitting 'gay-marriage' and not permit zoophilia, pedophilia and incest, not to mention polygomy? To say that in a democracy what's permitted and not permitted is nothing more than a consensus of culturally acceptable behaviours boarders on insane. Over time people can become accoustumed to almost anything. Certainly a culture without reason and God will devolve into self gratifiying accomodations. What's more Cutteridge is not entirely out of his mind. He has made it clear that the satisfaction which he recieves from having sex with his dogs is solely done for his pleasure and emotional satisfaction, he is not trying to satisfy his 'girls'.

"Justice and the Right to Due Process
1 The practice of zoophilia , or sexual interaction between humans and animals for the physical and emotional gratification of the human involved, has been a part of the human relationship with animals for as long as humans have been kept animals domestically."
That is a direct relationship between the abuse of the dog and the abuse committed against a man in a gay relationship who is sodomized. The sodomized man is an object of abuse, not a loved person. One of the hardest thing for abused people to learn is the difference between love and abuse.  However, from a Christian point of view these men are every bit the victim as the people they've hurt and killed, including Mr. Cutteridge who hurts himself and society, because they certianily seem to have been lead away by Satan. 

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