Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh SNAP! Your Director is a Fraud!

"David Clohessy claims that he doesn’t have to turn over most of the requested documents, or answer many of the questions. Why? Because SNAP is a rape crisis center, and therefore its confidentiality is protected under Missouri law. But when asked directly if SNAP is a rape crisis center, he said, “I don’t know.” He also admitted that he doesn’t know what constitutes a rape crisis center in Missouri.

Clohessy counsels alleged victims of abuse for a living, yet he admits to having no training whatsoever. He confessed that he does his unlicensed counseling in places like Starbucks; he also “consoles” his clients over the phone. Furthermore, there is not a single employed licensed counselor on SNAP’s staff. Moreover, he could not state a single instance where SNAP has paid for a licensed counselor to counsel a specific person."

David Clohessy works out of his home and use a P.O. Box to receive mail. Here's his deposition.

He himself claims to be a victim of clerical abuse which doesn't make him impartial.

These cases are simply a means by which the federal government can interfere and control the Catholic Church in America which is probably the only independant body large enough to recognize that the federal government is trying to destroy federalism and enslave citizens not only in this country but all over the world.

Many of these abuse stories are hackney because there is a lot of money involved. I have been Catholic all of my life and have never been sexually abused by a priest. Some of these people were fifteen or sixteen and I don't see how they were coerced into sexual acts, personally no priest could have made me take my pants down at that age. The claim that the Bishops can be held reliable for clerical abuse is one that question whether they should turn over their priest to the state for discipline or handle these things in house. I for one think they have every right to handle it in house. When the NAZIS came to power in Germany they ruled that the Church should turn over all the Jews they had contact with to the government, the Church did not comply with that mandate either. The Church has her enemies, KGB, Communist, NAZIS and now liberal Democrats, so she is susceptible to the vile acts of espionage, behaviour honest people can't imagine, that are practiced in these arenas as the Vatican itself is indeed a micro-state of her own. However, besides this, anyone who refuses to see the sexual gratification through children as something less than a culture is contributing to the cover up of basic human behavior that has taken place for milleniums.  If the Bishops are responsible for the pedophiles inside the Church who is responsible for the ones outside of the Church? The sexual abuse of minors is a cultural reality to which the consciousness of Man universally has to be raised out and above. The U.S.governments says they have laws, yes, they have laws, laws for abortion, contraceptive mandates, legalized pornography and gay marriage. To say something is legal or illegal in the United States really has no moral foundational underpinning at all anymore. Now the state wants to be the Church and dictate what it sees as reprehensible and what it does not. I don't know about anyone else but I would not feel my child was safe in a place where those behaviors listed above were considered normal, healthy and legal. Sexual abuse of children need to be put in the context of these other things the U.S. says is perfectly fine in order to make the determination of how earnest it claims to be when she states to hold child sexual abuse as the highest morally repugnant behavior known to man which subsequently requires a repeal of a statutes of limitations for the crime and crippling fines into the billions of dollars. How sincerely does the U.S. care about children when the most important  legislation passed for children in the last hundred years was the child labor laws in 1916?  'Gay marriage' for instance will allow a fifty year old man to marry a seventeen year old boy, sixteen with parental consent. Organizations like NAMBLA for instance always said that their argument wasn't sexual discrimination but age discrimination, they refer to it as 'ageism'. They feel they are being precluded from having sexual intercourse with boys because of unfair legislation, now with 'gay-marriages' they are that much closer to getting what they desire. We say that child sex abuse happened in the Church world wide rather than to admit that sexual abuse of children itself occurs world wide.  We like to think of the United States as fair and just but the Church has locations in many countries, many of which we as U.S. citizens don't perceive to be fair and just and many that don't perceive the U.S to be so either, many of us here at home are acquiring that same perception. We should never as U.S. citizens have the sense that the abrogation of civil liberties could 'never happen here', it can and it's being tested today in the Supreme Court.  The United States with this Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act is certainly testing the waters as to whether this is going to remain a free country or a totalitarian one.

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