Monday, April 2, 2012

Atheist Want A Miracle; A World Without Cheap Labor

Atheist groups like those at the 'Reason Rally' have a tendency to condemn the Church on slavery, they claim that the Church or God endorse it. However, it is quite clear these groups attempt to exempt themselves from reality and history in an effort to denigrate the Church. It is equally clear that it is the Church that leads and keep people closer to reality than what we are currently finding in secular society. It is interesting to watch European and United States citizens (and as known slavery also occurred in African and other regions as well)absolutely remove themselves from any involvement in the slave trade of the past. Perhaps like the tomb builders said, "If they were there they would not have killed the prophets like their fathers."
They start from some place with an unidentified moral doctrine, perhaps one of these alternative universes that scientist Stephen Hawkins believes exists, and locate themselves absolutely outside of humanity, reality and history. These atheist are very good at analysis but not so good at putting the pieces together in the first place. It is like those of us who can take a radio apart but fail to put it back together again with all the pieces. When we come across those forgotten screws we say, 'well hell, what was that there for anyway, I can leave it out because it is not important.' When the truth is that we as humans really don't know how all these pieces fit together into the whole. What would they for instance have told the Roman emperors to use in place of slavery? The fact that there is no, and as these events are in the past for us here in the western world,  can not be an alternative to the reality of slavery, atheist attempt to cast the Church in this negative light condemning God or Christians for endorsing slavery. Yet a world that did not require cheap labor would indeed be a miracle in itself.
At the core of their reasoning is the idea that suffering in itself should not exist and should be stamped out wherever and whenever possible. This attitude undoubtedly contributes to their sense of entitlement and vanity as it did those in Sodom and Gomorrah where there was 'abundance of bread'. One shouldn't beat their children, there should be no war, no disease and no hungry children in the world. Man can make a utopia on earth without God. Whereas we as Catholics and Christians see suffering as having a redemptive quality. As Fyodor Dostoevsky stated, 'Suffering is the origin of consciousness.'. Yet, they for there own purposes don a 2012 secular world view and travel back in time with it across the globe in order to better prosecute the Catholic Church. In the same way that prosecutors in Philadelphia want to remove the statue of limitations on sexual crimes AS they are trying the priests and for the sole purpose of better prosecuting these priests in order to wedge a secular influence into the Church's autonomy.
This cry is very similar to the sex abuse allegations because slavery was not only widely accepted but a human social institution and it still is in many parts of the world. Today in America we import goods from laborers from the poorest parts of the world who stitch together expensive clothing for far less than any United States citizen could possibly live on. In effect they are considered slave wages. Then once they prosper and start to demand higher wages the mobile capital uproots and goes to a place where the labor is cheaper, crashing the emerging nation back down into poverty where they will once again learn to be more compliant and 'grateful'. Yet, unlike our atheist friend GordanHide, (first man on the board, an atheist)I accept my share of the guilt when I make my purchase of a new pair of sneakers or coat, I don't exonerate myself as pure and innocent in respect to the world I am living.
After hearing of the reports of the 'Reason Rally' where atheist behaved completely unreasonable spewing profanity for no reason at all. I mean, there wasn't some kind of counter force amongst them, I intend to pray for these atheist because they have demonstrated now and it is evident that as the future dawns they will be the ones who suffer most. I really think that Mr. Dawkins and his followers are suffering. I cannot understand atheist who are so rabidly oppossed to some entity they deny exists. Many of them have made their atheist promulgation their main occupation.

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